Gods And Generals

Civil War

Raise your glasses high in the sky for yet another history documentation bulletin, as if […]
April 20, 2015
Civil War - Gods And Generals album cover

Raise your glasses high in the sky for yet another history documentation bulletin, as if those have been coming and going every time a Heavy Metal band decides to share their input regarding mankind's vicious history of total war. It is not embracing upon the blood of those who died, but rather an honorary way to commemorate past heroes and events that turned the tide in particular points in time. Right behind a vast sea of bands that came before them like GRAVE DIGGER, RUNNING WILD, just to name a few, and as fallen remains of the Swedish SABATON, which have been gasping the breath of war through a kind dancy like Metal, CIVIL WAR rose to power again with their sophomore album, "Gods And Generals". The war theme has always achieved such a bombastic drive from musicians that played in its name, spreading its chants across lands and continents. Combine war and Metal music, as the past had already suggested, and you will be rest assured to easily comprehend the meaning of true power, the force of history, and the taste for inner victory.

Riding pretty much parallel to the vein of early 00's SABATON albums, there is not much of a making a different over here, especially with the remaining ex-SABATON comrades still on board. Similar to the debut, the main aspect that has been keep CIVIL WAR high above the ground is the key role of their singer, Nils Patrik Johansson (LION'S SHARE / ASTRAL DOORS / WUTHERING HEIGHTS). I assume that without the prowess of his Dio meets Byford vocal pattern, CIVIL WAR would have been nothing more than a copycat to the already celebrated SABATON. But enough is enough, as I am still faithful enough that CIVIL WAR has already garnered attention with what they have. With the release of "Gods And Generals", as in the debut "The Killer Angels", the band sunk knee deeper into the pages of history with changing a shroud of their musical signature. Still pointing out to be heavenly as if always above the clouds and of course the glorified heroical anthems to be called choruses. There is a mild distinction of a Popish nature, similar to SABATON in a way, yet it felt fairly deeper and less jumpy and cheery. On the other hand, production wise, I believe that Peter Tägtgren's mix of the album a bit lowered the metallic edge of the band, the music might sounded heavy but the keyboards got way ahead while overcoming the rest of the chaps other than Johansson's vocal drive.

It became apparent to me that "Gods And Generals" began with a few hiccups in the image of the first three songs with "Braveheart" being the worst. Pure and simple unimaginative tune with a lost case outcome. Thankfully a few of the guitar melodies acted as a safety net, but no doubt not of the bands' finest to say the least. From "The Mad Piper" and on it became clear to me that CIVIL WAR might have taken a dive but like a phoenix are bound to rise from the ashes. The balladry of "Tears from the North" firstly caught my attention, winning my heart in a second, charmingly deep and dramatic. Then it continued with melodic victory march of "Back to Iwo Jima" filled with a sort of haze of the orient, returning to the island again with a fire in one's eyes, such a Heavy Metal bliss with a bit of a METALLICA riff at the end of the chorus. "Admiral over the Oceans" possibly served well to the beast captains of the oriental sea, atmospheric keyboards looming over melodic, almost MAIDENish, guitaring and catchy soloing swarmed by a dramatic flavor and enchanting chorus. And this is where I stop, the rest is up to you to discover, get this one now. History awaits.

8 / 10


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"Gods And Generals" Track-listing:

1. War of the World
2. Bay of Pigs
3. Braveheart
4. The Mad Piper
5. USS Monitor
6. Tears from the North
7. Admiral over the Oceans
8. Back to Iwo Jima
9. Schindler's Ark
10. Gods and Generals

Civil War Lineup:

Petrus Granar - Guitars
Rikard Sunden - Guitars
Nils Patrik Johansson - Vocals
Daniel Mullback - Drums
Daniel Myhrer - Keyboards
Pizza - Bass

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