City of Ships

As time goes on, and as I review more and more albums, more often than […]
By MarcusTheRocker
April 23, 2015
City of Ships - Ultraluminal album cover

As time goes on, and as I review more and more albums, more often than not, I struggle to think up of a good introduction to a review, so I'll keep this one short by jumping straight into the subject of todays review, which is the newest album from American band, CITY OF SHIPS.

Formed in 2005, this three-piece from Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, NJ, have been touring relentlessly while self-releasing their EP's with their CD's and Vinyl being handled by various labels. In 2015, the band are back with their newest release "Ultraluminal" and my job today is to review it.

Clocking in at around 38 minutes across 10 songs, the new CITY OF SHIPS album is filled with new songs that have a dirty grungy Rock sound to them, or that's the impression I got anyway, when listening to the first few songs, and if I'm honest, I'm not really all that impressed with what I'm hearing. I don't usually like to jump into negatives all that often at the start of a review, but with promos like this, I have no choice, as there are a few issues I have with this album.

I'll start with the most obvious complaint, which is the production. I don't even know where to begin with this, so I'll start I suppose with the melodies, which are very messy and all over the place for quite a lot of the time, therefore making the music sound very unclear. My second complaint is that you can't really make out the music because the melodies are so messy and you can't really make out any of the words either, but then the vocals aren't exactly all that great, as they are mostly lost under all the messy melodies, deeming it unlistenable, seeing as you can't really make out what's being played or what's being sung for most of the time.

I've summed up all my complaints in the above paragraph and I don't really have anything else to say about this album so I'll end it by saying that, although I may have heard a hell of a lot worse, this album is easily going into my list of music I dislike, as it's not really one I enjoyed after the first listen so I shall say nothing more on the subject and end this review here.<

3 / 10


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"Ultraluminal" Track-listing:

1. The Light You Stole
2. Alarm
3. Metadata Blues
4. Preeminence
5. Private Party
6. Illawarra Escarpment
7. Lost It
8. Hardwired
9. The Old Man
10. Mile High

City of Ships Lineup:

Eric Jernigan - Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Jernigan - Bass
Eric Soelzer - Drums, Percussion
Tom Tierney - Additional vocals on "Preeminence"
Andrew Jernigan, Mike Repasch, Theo Ricoveri, Vanessa Seis, and Tom Tierney - Additional Vocals on "Mile High"

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