Circle's Line

Circle's Line

CIRCLE'S LINE is a brand new Metallic outfit created by some very experienced players from […]
By YngwieViking
January 6, 2014
Circle's Line - Circle's Line album cover

CIRCLE'S LINE is a brand new Metallic outfit created by some very experienced players from Hellas. This band project started under the impulse of Guitar player / Songwriter Panagiotis "Panos" Kaides in late 2011, but it's when he teamed with the reputed ex-NEMESIS vocalist Mr. Tasos Karapapazoglou (also leading ELWING), that the whole thing had taken suddenly a more interesting and serious twist, and that's when the band was truly formed as a real and a perfectly working unit, with a strong direction and a mutual goal: playing timeless, strong Heavy Metal while paying tribute to the gods of steel with pride and honesty.

The gang of glorious veterans coming from Kavala-Xanthi are just about to released their first full length self-titled album thru the famous in the underground, Greek label Steel Gallery Records, the style as expected is Deeply rooted in the NWOBHM sound with some epic flavors, a pure delight recommended and reserved for the JUDAS PRIEST / DIO / IRON MAIDEN / BLIND GUARDIAN / ICED EARTH / Mid 80's SABBATH or even HAMMERFALL's starving fans. The vocals are clearly directed in the Dickinsonian's fashion and the riffs are heroic and are vigorously connected with the famous British alloy, enhanced by the legendary dark Harmonies from the Middle Ages battle fields.

Of course, with such description, you -the clever readers of the almighty Metal Temple- already perceived that the CIRCLE'S LINE first album, won't be a revolutionary record or a groundbreaking release in the last hype mode , but it's nonetheless a perfect way to celebrate the Heavy Metal music , a real black mass in its purest and genuine prototype, for the believers of the cult and the benevolent headbangers, the worshipers of the sacred angels of Hell under the exultation of the unstained iron... Get back your best horns-up sign and, let the Heavy Metal madness begin, with an eternal blast of distortion in a hot night frenzy of another onslaught of decibels.

7 / 10


"Circle's Line" Track-listing:

1. Shoot To Kill
2. A Circle's Line
3. Desperado
4. James' Story
5. A Heroic Tune
6. Dark River
7. Queen Of Dreams
8. Legions Of The Damned
9. Book Of Lies
10. Die With Honor

Circle's Line Lineup:

Taxiarhes Aposlakopoulos - Bass
Nikos Tsilicoudis - Drums
Panagiotis Kaides - Lead Guitars
Tasos Karapapazoglou - Lead Vocals

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