Walk Through Hell

Circle of Silence

CIRCLE OF SILENCE are a German Power Metal band who have been around for over […]
By Phil "Fluffy kittens" Tyler
March 29, 2022
Circle of Silence - Walk Through Hell album cover

CIRCLE OF SILENCE are a German Power Metal band who have been around for over 15 years. This is their fourth album released through Massacre Records and it's the first time this scribe has listened to them but on the strength of this, I'll certainly be checking out their back catalogue.

Looking at the track list, songs like "Walk Through Hell", "At War With Yourself", "Triumph Over Tragedy" etc, the album has themes of despair and overcoming obstacles to a better life ahead. This promo came with all of the lyrics (I really wish more bands would do this) and are very good indeed. Ironically though, Nick's vocals are so wonderfully clear in the mix, I actually didn't need them.

The album starts with "Down to Hell" a short instrumental before the first proper song "Prisoner of Time" is introduced with heavy guitar and double kick-drum, propelled with a galloping guitar riff with a great chorus. Nick's vocals are great and with both spoken and sung vocals, great harmonies and the urge to headbang, this is a kick-ass start to the album.

"Walk Through Hell" comes next on the back of a thumping drum beat and great lead over strong rhythm which develops into another great chorus. There's some nice harmonies on this (particularly at the end of the track where it's just the vocals) and it's another great song.

"And when the path seems dark and endless
I promise you
You'll make it through
There are better days ahead..."

Nick really has a strong voice and he sings with conviction and passion.

I was a little underwhelmed by "United" which is the longest track at 6.19. The rest of the tracks are around the less than 5-minute mark so I felt it was a little bloated and it didn't grab me like the previous tracks did.

"I Am Fear " is another mid-paced stomper with harmony vocals and a great thumping rhythmic verse which speeds to a thrashier finale and ends with lead guitar over  a mid-paced rhythmic groove. I really liked this track.

One of my favourite songs on the album is "Triumph Over Tragedy" which builds from an atmospheric acoustic guitar to a thumping melody with lead guitar and again has the winning formula of spoken and sung vocals, a great chorus and great musicianship. The fact that the acoustic guitar only appears on this song makes the track really stand out.

"I Want More" slows things down where the "I Want More...more of everything" mantra is the focal point of the song but has a solid pumping rhythm to carry it along.

The album does drag a little bit towards the end and the bonus tracks weren't, in my opinion, as good as the album tracks but all in all this is a great album by CIRCLE OF SILENCE. According to the promo I received the vocals have up to 5 voices and this certainly does add an epic richness to the tracks. Coupled with a crisp production where everything is clear and distinct, the songs bristle with power and energy and quality musicianship and for headbanging Power Metal, you can't go too far wrong with this release.

8 / 10









"Walk Through Hell" Track-listing:

1. Down to Hell
2. Prisoner of Time
3. Walk Through Hell
4. United
5. I Am Fear
6. At War With Yourself
7. Triumph Over Tragedy
8. I Want More
9. The Curse
10. Far Beyond The Sun
11. God is a Machine
12. This is War (Bonus Track)
13. Fire (Bonus Track)

Circle of Silence Lineup:

Nick Keim - Vocals
Christian Sommerfeld - Guitar
Tobias Pfahl - Guitar
Björn Boehm - Bass
Peter Suppinger - Drums

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