Authorized Bootleg: Live At The Tokyo Dome


OK, here comes another band that needs no great introduction among the circles of melodic […]
By Maria Kallinikou
April 27, 2009
Cinderella - Authorized Bootleg: Live At The Tokyo Dome album cover

OK, here comes another band that needs no great introduction among the circles of melodic Hard Rock pilgrims. Unfortunately, CINDERELLA don't strike back with a new release. Since Tom Keifer  had had that accident with his left vocal cord, there were not much to expect, but now that his voice has been restored, still there are no real news from the CINDERELLA camp. At the end of March though they released this Authorised Bootleg CD, as they call it, which was recorded ages ago in Japan (1990).

Many fans may say: For the love of God, how many times are they going to repackage the same albums?. The truth is that the band had left hints for us to hope that they will come up with a new release, and still we are here waiting. Anyway, I won't say much about the tracklist for this one. C'mon, you know the songs and of course you don't expect me to tell you anything about that, if they are good or bad.

The only thing I would like to underline is that this concert was recorded anno 1990, hence the live-sound arrangements match with those years; there are moments the bass lines are kinda higher so you suppose that the rest sound 'not quite right'. Keeping that in mind, to me it seems really good because this live verifies somehow its title. If you don't have any of the previous live releases (five of them!!!) then by no means you can invest on Authorized Bootleg. If you prefer a more polished sound, I guess then that you can wait a little bit longer for the remastered version of In Concert which will be released in June 2009.  

But as far as this live CD is concerned, I could say that it is a collectible item. Instead of getting another best of or a live release that has undergone relative changes in the studio, it is better to have the 'real thing'.

"Authorized Bootleg: Live At The Tokyo Dome" Track-listing:

The More Things Change
Push, Push
Back Home Again
Sick For The Cure
Make Your Own Way
Somebody Save Me
Night Songs
One For Rock And Roll
Heartbreak Station
Coming Home
Fallin' Apart At The Seams
Love's Got Me Doin' Time
Don't Know What You Got ('Till It's Gone)
Nobody's Fool
Gypsy Road
Shake Me
Shelter Me

Cinderella Lineup:

Tom Keifer - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Jeff LaBar - Guitar
Eric Brittingham - Bass
Fred Coury - Drums, Backing Vocals

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