The Machine


CINDER is a Hard Rock band with a strong influence of the mid-nineties to early […]
By Sergio Andrés
September 7, 2019
Cinder - The Machine album cover

CINDER is a Hard Rock band with a strong influence of the mid-nineties to early 00 radio sound. I can hear VELVET REVOLVER, THE WILDHEARTS and GALACTIC COWBOYS in their music.

"Free Fall Junkie" has that big radio-friendly that every first cut should have (Think "Monkey Business," "Welcome to the Jungle," "Them Bones") Loved what the producer did with the drum mix at the solo spot, lovely lo-fi subtle arrangement. "Human After All" resembles a futuristic vibe with those wicked stereo guitar sounds, like a siren looped through your eardrums.

There are two melomaniac gems, once is the Beatlesque "Rockey Boy" with its syncopated feel and trippy vocal lines, and the sleazy "Suicide Girl" that exudes CHEAP TRICK/ WILDHEARTS aura; they have a bunch of potential hits with these. "Sounded like Goodbye" exhibits a bulk collection of staccato riffs, fits with the somehow rhythmic vocal delivery. "Day Of The Dance" stomps in a very creative way, mixing elements from lots of cool bands, with a staccato feel on the bass and open ringing chords in the guitar. The production department shines here; they make space, sonic-wise, for every instrument.

"Honey Gold Sweet" is a ballad that goes under notice and "Enough Outta You" knocks on the Rob Zombie bandwagon a little bit. "Carousel" returns to the BEATLES psychedelic sounds. "The Machine" conveys all the fresh sounds already mentioned, yet with a contemporary twist. I like the chorus in which the guitar plays a descending riff, and the vocals go for an anthemic pounding melody. The bass moves you all over the song. The producer and the vocalist did a great job with the vocals; digging deep in the verses, lo-fi in the pre-choruses, and openly belted throughout the choruses.

Overall, it is a weighty release with fun arrangements and a crystal clear production. The band is not compressed by GIT-musos at all, although they have a careful ear with the nuances. As a final note, the cover is a reference to another machine-named record: 1989 "Tin Machine" David Bowie.

8 / 10









"The Machine" Track-listing:

1. Free Fall Junkie
2. Human After All
3. Rockey Boy
4. Suicide Girl
5. Sounded Like Goodbye
6. Shine
7. Day Of The Dance
8. Honey Gold Sweet
9. Enough Outta You
10. Carousel
11. The Machine

Cinder Lineup:

Roger Young - Vocals
Scott Bush - Guitars
James Wilder- Guitars
Brian Colbert - Drums
Steve Reich - Bass

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