Unworldly Summoning

Church Of Disgust

Dating back to the grimness of the past, molesting and raping the darkened resonances of […]
January 2, 2014
Church Of Disgust - Unworldly Summoning album cover

Dating back to the grimness of the past, molesting and raping the darkened resonances of early Death Metal, spewing carnage with ounces of blood but with a legendary sense towards obscure creations, mythical in origin and probably quite a reader, the hour of disgust has arrived. Something about that old school murkiness, dripping with tons of grimy dirt and raw meat as integral elementals, has always been awkwardly comforting to my ears, vapors and exhausts of old BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL, AUTOPSY, IMMOLATION or MALEVOLENT CREATION. However, I came to listen to this Texan duo of guys named CHURCH OF DISGUST, emerging with caustic spells of the past, producing charred perversion, so foul and undone, utilizing the early gods to their favor, attributing a surreal kind of brutality. "Unworldly Summoning", via Memento Mori, is the band's debut token of oblivion, scorched chaotic signature as if their inner fulfillment was a part of Death Metal's painful birth.

Skillfully implementing infectious Doom Metal, which had more than enough played a substantial with the assertion of the early Death Metal reign, especially when it comes to occult and mythical motifs, CHURCH OF DISGUST awarded me with the chance to be dazzled with their achieved darkened atmosphere. At most part I was connected more to the riffery. The large sum of guitar riffing appeared fairly generic alongside a few pining melodic signatures, as a few of the genre's old demonstrations, emphasizing a marginal lack of creativity even within the old school boundaries. The general arrangements of the songs is relatively average, a lot of riff reoccurrences, though diversity barely had a place here as it wasn't actually needed to deliver such acrimony to your corridors, but also segments that failed to upscale the effort later to become tiring. However, the transferals and sequences amongst fast slaughtering tempos to slow to mid tempos meat grinding chunks Death stomps, made the tunes somewhat appealing like the gruesome attack of "The Opener of the Way" and the final Epic obliteration of the self-titled "Unworldly Summoning".

When brightly heard, which happened only when hell froze for a few moments, I noticed several key drum shots that were pretty tidy. Truth be told, and this time it bothered, the old school sedation, which in this case called production, paved the road to ruin for this release. Can't really make a true judgment of the true nature of the growling vocal line due to this overly harsh studio manifestation, it seemed that there was no really need for vocals on this album as the entire line seemed unnecessary and virtually avoidable. The music played its part, with what it had to offer on this release, without the vocals that were completely vague, like howls of black from nowhere, a complete waste of effort. The drum situation wasn't the same of course, yet when push comes to shove and full throttle speed is up and running, forgets from the snare of double bass drum.

CHURCH OF DISGUST manifested an old school vibe, an overall feel that generally bought them points to keep on composing and creating Death Metal filthiness that might be extensively improved one day. Here and there they produced something decent; however, I didn't find most of their material persuasive, needless to say an old school fixation on my bill. Furthermore, on the next endeavor they ought to level up the production values because even late 80's Death Metal releases sounded better. 

5 / 10


"Unworldly Summoning" Track-listing:

1. Intro (The Gate)
2. Immemorial Lunacy
3. Rotting Above Ground
4. Writhing Dominion
5. Bound and Cast into the Depths
6. The Great Chamber
7. Interlude
8. The Opener of the Way
9. Unworldly Summoning

Church Of Disgust Lineup:

Joshua Bokemeyer - Drums
Dustin James - Guitars / Bass / Vocals

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