Zero Tolerance

Chuck Schuldiner

13 December 2001. The Day That Death Died. The first and probably the last mastermind […]
By Fotis Giakob
May 17, 2004
Chuck Schuldiner - Zero Tolerance album cover

13 December 2001. The Day That Death Died. The first and probably the last mastermind in Death Metal deceased. Chuck Schuldiner lost his battle with cancer and this world lost a metal hero and a brilliant musician.
Two years before the tragic event the last actual composition of Chuck was through his project, Control Denied, The Fragile Art Of Existence which really proved once more his undeniable talent in every kind of metal music. The next Control Denied -under the name When Man And Machine Collide- was inside Chuck's mind all the time and began to take flesh in 2000. This music wasn't revealed to the public, until now.
In 2004 Karmageddon Media released some rough rehearsal tracks of Chuck and Richard Christy. Four compositions, over 6 minutes each, it should be treated like a small taste of what the next Control Denied album should be if it ever gets to be released. I can't really review this as a normal record because it's not, for various reasons other than the technical parts. This is an effort to put some pressure on Chuck's family to really consider releasing the second Control Denied album since it's almost been completed.
I won't comment on that other than when I heard Chuck's crying guitar again on some new songs it really felt weird at first, followed by a feeling of awe and respect. If this was only some rough material from the next Control Denied album, then it would surely be an instant classic -as all of Chuck's records-. Besides the four rehearsal tracks, Karmageddon Media added the two early Death demos, Infernal Death (1985) and Mutilation (1986) which are in descent quality since they were being transferred from tape recordings.
Concluding, I really hope the next Control Denied album is released and if that never happens, we still have something to wait for. That's Within Mind, the James Murphy project, a tribute to the one of most influential persons in metal history, Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P).
[Chief Editor's note on behalf of Metal-Temple.Com: May your soul always rest in peace Chuck Schuldiner, your name, your work, will always be remembered]

"Zero Tolerance" Track-listing:

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Infernal Death
Baptized In Blood
Land Of No Return
Zombie Ritual

Chuck Schuldiner Lineup:

Chuck Schuldiner ( Guitars ) - Richard Christy ( Drums ) : Tracks 1-5
Death (1985): Tracks 5-7
Death (1986): Tracks 8-10

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