I Am The Scrouge Of Eternity

Chthonic Cult

CHTHONIC CULT is a Black/Death Metal band based out of Germany. Formed in 2014, this […]
January 18, 2016
Chthonic Cult - I Am The Scourge Of Eternity album cover

CHTHONIC CULT is a Black/Death Metal band based out of Germany. Formed in 2014, this album is the band's first release, and contains four tracks and over fourty-seven minutes in total. "As The Void Beckons" is the opening song, clocking in at over thirteen minutes. The rhythm is swift and the instrumentation deep, dark and strong. The vocals are mid-range and somewhere between the two genres in style but probably closer to the Black Metal side. The pounding of the music is utterly relentless and if nothing else, the sheer will of the composition would eventually turn you into the un-dead. There are some riff changes here and there as you would expect in a song of this length, but little variation from the main mission of projecting this into your very soul, like a screaming missile hellbent on its target. "The Abyss Triumphant" is the short song on the album at just eight minutes in length. The pace is about the same as the previous track as is the sonic level of the overall sound. There isn't much build up here and the brutality of the sound wastes no time at half speed.

Though "Asunder!" is a bit slower, do not hold out that there might be some hopeful notes here and there to break things up. There is nothing but broken promises, broken dreams and a heavy coating of black gook that covers everything in the known world and is poisonous to the touch. Giving in is the only option. The closing title track, "I Am The Scourge Of Eternity", reels back around to the quick pacing and raw delivery of evil incarnate that takes over your senses in a hypnotic fashion, bringing with it hell on earth with rotting, bloody corpses at every turn.

The title of the band is very fitting to the sound as a while, "Chthonic" is a Greek term for things that come from the underworld, and "cult" can describe a group of people with a common mission that is usually rooted in social deviance or religion. Put them together and you will have a vision for this album. Overall, this it is a completely uncompromising set of compositions in the genre in every sense of this definition. There is no soul searching or suspense...no intermingling of delicate emotions...no wonder of what might come around the corner. What comes around the corner is a champion hell beast of impossible size and speed that will lay waste to anything in its opposition.<

7 / 10


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"I Am The Scrouge Of Eternity" Track-listing:

1. As The Void Beckons
2. The Abyss Triumphant
3. Asunder!
4. I Am The Scourge Of Eternity

Chthonic Cult Lineup:

Hyperborean - Vocals & Guitars
Skandaz - Bass
D.S.P. - Drums

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