Become Seekers For Death

Chthonic Cult

CHTHONIC CULT is a black/death metal band from Poland who formed in 2014.  They have […]
Chthonic Cult - Become Seekers For Death album cover

CHTHONIC CULT is a black/death metal band from Poland who formed in 2014.  They have been out of the scene for a minute as "Become Seekers For Death," is their first album in seven years.  I'm not familiar with that album but I will say this second full length effort kicks a lot of ass. The overall sound is more polished that I thought a band of this type would be—their name, cover art, song titles, so on and so forth already had an idea forming in my head as to what they might sound like, production wise.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  When I say polished, however, I don't mean a pop punk album or "The Black Album," but I mean it doesn't sound like it was recorded in the hallowed out asshole of a dead goat.  For satan's sake, this IS blackened extreme definitely still retains a very dark atmosphere and totally evil sound.  But the band really runs with it-they combine this great sounding album with their capabilities and pull off one hell of a run through thirty-nine minutes of eight tracks.

Their sterling mixture of black and death metal rides the line between being visceral and brutal yet the focus isn't necessarily on mystic brutality-these songs are well crafted and song writing combined with musicianship takes the lead over just being evil for the sake of it.  But it is still evil. The albums open with "Ironclad Nemesis," which is a dirty track with nasty riffs and a sound of pure despair but with a dash of "cave your face into pieces,'' thrown in.  The lead guitar creates dim, dismal melodies that only heighten the dread. The rhythm section pushes the current of blackened seas, crashing towards the shore of tight drumming and tight yet explosive bass. The tempo manages to get faster, the song gets crazier.  By the song's end, the focus is so refined the song feels like it might snap in half, somehow.

The third track, 'The Thunder Spoke To The Spirit," has an urgency that rivals anything I've heard this year.  A cacophony of noises rips open the space between, every second being used in the service of never ending death.  The vocals are grimed covered blackened growls—they and the guitar riffs are absolutely made for each other.  Around 2:05, the song slows down, bring with it crushing riffs to add more evidence that the band isn't afraid to change things up at a moment's notice.

"When The Ancients Speak," opens with layered guitars, cascade of drums and lead guitar that smoothly embeds itself into the fabric of the song. The lead continues to create what amounts to melody for this band but it only adds to the sinister feel to it all.  This song is nearly eight minutes long but it rushes by and demands repeated listens. The final track, 'The Hunt of the Light-Bearer," ends the album on a heavy note as expected, with the first part beginning at a mid paced romp but going into late speed around the two minute mark for the guitars to show off a little.  After the three minute mark, they open a pit to hell with catchy riffs and a biting solo before ending the song as hellish at it began.

CHTHONIC CULT's "Become Seekers For Death," is a solid journey through the bowels of hell.  As the demons rip your flesh, the band will beat you with a stick.   If you like this style (and you damn well better, son), then all that will be music to your ears.

8 / 10









"Become Seekers For Death" Track-listing:

1. Ironclad Nemesis
2. On the Wings of Drought
3. The Thunder Spoke to the Spirit
4. When the Ancients Speak
5. Become Seekers for Death
6. In the Seventh Hour
7. Crimson Streams of Sacrifice
8. The Hunt of the Light-Bearer

Chthonic Cult Lineup:

Oblivion - Bass
Hyperobrean - Guitars, Vocals

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