From The Void


CHRONOFORM is a Modern Metal band from Kauhajoki, Finland, they formed in 2013 by Vanni […]
By Cullen Baldridge
July 24, 2019
Chronoform - From The Void album cover

CHRONOFORM is a Modern Metal band from Kauhajoki, Finland, they formed in 2013 by Vanni and Aapo wanting to establish an original band, they have only had one lineup change since establishing the band and that was the singer and they replaced him with another guy from their hometown.

"Conquer" starts out with simple piano notes, shortly after the beast is unleashed from within CHRONOFORM, with an explosion of guitars, drums, bass and vocals, leaving your ear holes violated with pure aggression, it's a hard hitting metal song as good as any that has become before it, "Sight Of Eternity" continues the beautiful attack of chaos, everybody seems to take a moment to show off their musically talents in this attack of sound. "Limbo" seems to be a less aggressive song in the beginning but doesn't take long to get you to admit you was wrong, it includes awesome guitars, kick ass drums and chilling vocals, the bass lines are Buried beneath everything but noticeable.

"Veil" is the song from which the band deprived from, with Vanni Panula and Aapo Hakamaa wanting to be in a band where they could pursue more original songs, the beast that unleashed the beast known as CHRONOFORM, it is heavy and brutal as with all of the songs on this album, it is a perfect beginning to form what they have and will become. "Purist" has what seems to be a xylophone incorporated and its fucking amazing, it's Metal as it can be. "Prophets" has some groovy ass bass lines, that includes a little but badass bass solo. "From The Void" is the title track that displays exactly what this album is about, the raw aggressive power with the kickass riffs and soul ripping musicianship from all members. "Dusk" is another hostile song that destroys all in its path, Its fast and heavy, maybe even the heaviest song on the album. "Subatomic" is hard, heavy and fast song, each musician complement each other greatly and build a solid layer for Niko-Paterri Westerholm to lay down his vocal assault in this song.

CHRONOFORM is the band for you If you like your music with a brutal assault, "From The Void" is a total display power from vocals to musicianship, buy this album if Modern Metal is you forte, you will not be disappointed!

8 / 10









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"From The Void" Track-listing:

1. Conquer
2. Sight Of Eternity
3. Limbo
4. Veil
5. Purist
6. Prophets
7. From The Void
8. Dusk
9. Subatomic

Chronoform Lineup:

Niko-Paterri Westerholm - Vocals
Ero Makiranta - Guitars
Aapo Hakamaa - Guitars
Vanni Panula - Drums
Juha-Matti Järvenpää - Bass

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