House Of Insanity

Chris Caffery

Well...I tried to give this one a chance, but it didn't work with me at […]
By George Karagiannis
March 3, 2009
Chris Caffery - House Of Insanity album cover

Well...I tried to give this one a chance, but it didn't work with me at all!!! After listening to it about 10 times I still believe that is one of the most boring albums I have ever heard! But let me be more specific...
The artwork is a kind of a joke but it says the truth. Chris Caffery escaping from the sanatorium or his House Of Insanity if you prefer. In that case, I say, just bring him back in because he must be really insane to release such an awful record. Except from the nice guitar work and the good production, there's nothing in this CD you could or should remember!
The album sounds like leftovers of the past, songs that didn't (hopefully) make it for a SAVATAGE record. Honestly, I cannot imagine these songs used even for a b-side single for SAVATAGE. Such a low quality album is something I didn't expect from someone with his glorious past.
The heavier tracks are close to the sound of Dead Winter Dead and the ballad-melodic ones close to the sound of Streets but don't take that comparison for something that worth the deal. Some moments you could feel that Chris' voice is close to a harsher (of course) Zachary Stevens. Mentioning Zack, I shouldn't forget his guest appearance here on the track Solitaire, which along with Seasons Change, I Won't Know and maybe No Matter What are the only ones that deserve an existence. There's also a useless cover of Bob Marley's Get Up, Stand Up, that makes me quite skeptical about its intentions.
Especially when i consider Chris' saying that it's a cool Metal anthem. We do need more Metal anthems but...we won't find them that way. We must create them....
The album is available at the moment via i-tunes. A physical CD release will follow later in 2009.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"House Of Insanity" Track-listing:

Seasons Change
House Of Insanity
I Won't Know
The Fleas
Big Brother
Back's To The Wall
I'm Sorry
Winter In Hamburg
No Matter What
Get Up, Stand Up

Chris Caffery Lineup:

Chris Caffery - Guitar, Vocals    
Nick Douglas - Bass    
Paul LaPlaca - Keyboards, Guitar    
John Macaluso - Drums

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