China Sky II

China Sky

A lot can change in 25 years. Countless fashion trends have come and gone. The […]
By Anamaria Carla Ionita
February 3, 2015
China Sky - China Sky II album cover

A lot can change in 25 years. Countless fashion trends have come and gone. The Soviet Union ceased to exist. MTV stopped playing music videos. People began to explore a whole new universe called "the internet", and a forgotten album by a group called CHINA SKY became a cult classic.

Things were looking up in September 1988 for a group of young, idealistic rock musicians in Jacksonville, Florida, who had been relentlessly pursuing the dream of becoming the next arena rock powerhouse. This was the moment they had been waiting for.  They had come together from all over the eastern United States with one purpose: to make the greatest rock album of the decade.

After their first album "China Sky" the guys disappeared from the rock and metal scene for unknown reasons, but now, with all the pieces firmly in place, CHINA SKY entered the studio and delivered us a brand new material worth the wait. The opening track of "China Sky II", "One Life" has a slow rhythm but once the chorus starts we have a catchy beat and meaningful lyrics ("One life is all you get, you have to understand you are the future in your palm of your hand, don't let it slip through your fingers like sand"). "The Road Taken" is a dreamful ballad where Ron Perry speaks, recites and sings equally. One of the hit songs is definitely "You're Not Alone", clear guitar riffs, well-written solos, straight forward tempo, and a beautiful melodic voice to accompany the instrumental part makes this song a "perfect circle". "I Believe In You" is the typical American rock track, a simple guitar being the foundation of Perry's voice. If you can listen closely, on some parts you can actually hear that time wasn't that mild with his voice, but nonetheless, Perry has a wonderful voice, perfect for this kind of music. "Enemy" and "I'm a Survivor" have a very 80s style disco/pop tunes. The final track, "Dreams I'll Never See" ends the album with a very old school rock theme, killer bass, good rhythmic guitars and solos and captivating chorus.

To sum it up, thank you CHINA SKY for coming back into our world of rock and metal. The new album is delish, definitely worth the wait.

10 / 10


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"China Sky II" Track-listing:

1. One Life
2. The Road Not Taken
3. You're Not Alone
4. I Believe In You
5. I Wish I Could Fly
6. Enemy
7. I'm a Survivor
8. The Richest Man in the World
9. You'll Get Yours
10. The Darkness
11. Give It Up
12. Dreams I'll Never See

China Sky Lineup:

Ron Perry - Vocals
Richard Smith - Bass
Steve Wheeler - Guitars
Tim McGowan - Keyboards
Bruce Crump - Drums

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