Heavy Is The Head

Children Of The Reptile

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: CHILDREN OF THE REPTILE; independently […]
April 8, 2023
Children Of The Reptile - Heavy Is The Head album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: CHILDREN OF THE REPTILE; independently unsigned, hailing from the United States of America - performing Heavy Metal, on their 3rd full-length studio album entitled: "Heavy Is The Head" (released April 7th, 2023). Since formation in 2008; the quartet in question have 2 EPs entitled: "Manifesto Of The Reptilian Agenda" (released March 21st, 2012), "The Four Weapons EP" (released November 19th, 2016), 2 live albums entitled: "Live And Chaotic - First Mission" (released March 13th 2020), on top of "Live And Chaotic - Second Mission" (released March 13th, 2020), and 3 full-length studio albums in their discography so far entitled: "Children Of The Reptile" (released August 21st, 2013), "The End" (released May 14th, 2018), and this here 3rd offering entitled: "Heavy Is The Head" of which I am introduced to. 9 tracks ranging around 45 minutes... CHILDREN OF THE REPTILE arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Heavy Metal developments.

Opening up with this synthetic harmony; "Delvers In Darkness" attributes at an amplified calamity in boisterously bouncy catchiness and crunchy aesthetics in a borderline foundation of riveting rhythms that thuds with sturdy tightness on punchline remedy, ramifying this sulphurous tempo on old school, traditional Heavy Metal weight. Rumbling reverberation rollicks with frolicking chugs from dexterous guitar riffer Chris Millard (also on backing vocals); this maelstrom technicality rifts with persevering melody that rumbles speakers with reverberating rampancy, surging a concretely gritty element in dynamic distortion which manifests with profusely robust strikes that pursuit with razor-sharp volatility & slaying grinds, especially in "Warriors Of Light".

"Burner" distils a dense experimentation in hybrid execution that slabs this solid versatility on wildly rushing steamrolling that trailblazes with organic substance & monolithic momentum that's primitively raw whilst thunderously killer, injecting an infectious bass flickering from audible thumper David Hufham - this engaging firepower expertise forges a flamboyant synergy on systematic fabrication in an all guns blazing crescendo impact that stampedes with sonically seamless venom to boot. A piledriving rambunctiousness within "Silent Circle" unleashes this relentless bulldoze in blistering clobbers in an enriching shroud of meticulous songwriting musicianship that's rather meaty whilst memorably rapid & nimble, which showcases tremolo raising impulse amongst a firing all cylinder tradition.

"Fear The Old Blood" has an anthemic acoustic for an intro; ethereal and euphonic, this vibrantly potent richness soon after hastily creates a distinctively distinguished finesse in immersive speed/velocity. Keeping the pace steady for a vivacious Heavy Metal meltdown that strives with strident unique ability, salubriously articulated into a barrage frenzy in archaic archetypes of prodigious licks that will rock you hard and heavy - on top of the vigorous rigor they splendidly provide - especially from hammering drummer Chase Kelly who rambunctiously piledrives with striking pursuits of smacking virtuosity. "Seven Days Of Fire" portrays throaty pipes from Ozzie Darden; as high-pitched & screamy, uproarious shouting yells with the metallic grooves amongst the thrilling revs which pierce through you with zestful vivacity.

An èclatful contrast in mellifluous instrumental escapades swing with thrashy grips in "Last Words (Ruin's Ride)"; where this mythical penultimate track "Adventurers'' closes with the stumpy "Oath To Order" that's fast and mighty. The bottom line for "Heavy Is The Head" is it's a progressive spectacle of modernising the old-school Heavy Metal traits of the yesteryear into the here and now, worthy of checking out an inventive discovery should you fancy an enjoyably entertaining slice within this genre - do certainly give it a listen, CHILDREN OF THE REPTILE most definitely deserve the recognition in favour.

8 / 10









"Heavy Is The Head" Track-listing:

1. Delvers in Darkness
2. Warriors of Light
3. Burner
4. Silent Circle
5. Fear the Old Blood
6. Seven Days of Fire
7. Last Words (Ruin's Ride)
8. Adventurers
9. Oath to Order

Children Of The Reptile Lineup:

Chris Millard - Guitars/Vocals (backing)
Ozzie Darden - Vocals (lead)/Guitars
David Hufham - Bass/Vocals (backing)
Chase Kelly - Drums

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