Chasing Titans

Chasing Titans

While fresh to Auckland's Metalcore roster, CHASING TITANS has already come crashing in with tracks […]
By Lesley-Ann Ang
June 7, 2023
Chasing Titans - Chasing Titans album cover

While fresh to Auckland's Metalcore roster, CHASING TITANS has already come crashing in with tracks that have hit Australia's Top 10 hits this past May. The three-piece released their debut self-titled single album back in December and continue to appear across the world with listeners taking note of the band's inspirations like BRING ME THE HORIZON and A DAY TO REMEMBER.

It's not very often you find a band whose members all contribute to the vocal lineup, so I was very excited to dive into what CHASING TITANS had to offer. "Cabin Fever," accurately titled as it was written during the pandemic, sets a clear first impression for their tone and theme with a heavier emphasis on unclean vocals and a spoken-word type clean vocal to support. With a horror-inspired music video, this is a track that you would expect to hear in the outro of Eli Roth's next film (maybe in a revival of the Cabin Fever series). Splatter fans everywhere will feel a sense of familiarity when listening to this album, further reinforced by "New Depravity."

The reputation CHASING TITANS has built needs no further explanation; they have potential that has yet to be taken advantage of. For a new band to be the only heavy sound gracing the charts is a feat on its own, and I would love to see them grow in complexity with age, maybe following in the footsteps of ICE NINE KILLS but with heavier vocals. I hope their rise in exposure will put a spotlight on bands coming out of New Zealand, and their upcoming releases will be something for global metalcore fans to wait for in anticipation.

7 / 10









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"Chasing Titans" Track-listing:

1. Cabin Fever
2. Vengeance
3. New Depravity

Chasing Titans Lineup:

Adrian Govender - Vocals/Guitar
Sylvester Porizakova - Vocals /Bass
Torrance Kam - Vocals/Drums

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