Medusa Groove


CHARLOTTE is another fine secret in the American Hard Rock sea of bands that never […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 9, 2010
Charlotte - Medusa Groove album cover

CHARLOTTE is another fine secret in the American Hard Rock sea of bands that never got the recognition they definitely deserved. Truth is, there was a typhoon of newcomers in the late 80s trying to gain their own slice of the pie the same time that monsters like MOTLEY CRUE, BON JOVI or CINDERELLA played big venues or even arenas. This does not omit off such bands' excellence but, unfortunately, the fans (mostly) focused on mainly the outfits ultra-promoted by the Music Industry not willing enough to dig on - and support - more obscure acts with relevant quality.

CHARLOTTE located in Los Angeles and performed a good doze of live gigs during their (local) prime. Musically we would say they belong to the wider LA Rock scene enjoying nonstop caress in the late 80s until the early 90s, but their sound - as also witnessed in the "Medusa Groove" album now being released via Eonian Records - bears a heavy bluesy face, too. The rhythm section is quite pounding and the guitar themes are both melodic and moody, with a sense of sweet melancholy spread allover. This does not mean, of course, they do not rock the house. All these, creating a proper and various tracklist, sum it up to a band conscious of the LED ZEPPELIN legacy but willing to go their own way, bringing just close to mind a mix of bands like XYZ, BADLANDS, THE CULT, BONHAM and (of course) KINGDOM COME.

It's quite interesting that there's not a typical 'Sunset Boulevard' number in here: the songwriting in some cuts does not follow the cliché verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus thing, let's add, showing a good amount of work and originality by this quintet. Possibly all or most of the songs here date back to the second part of the 80s decade (the Press release is quite fuzzy regarding timelines) but that's not the big picture anyway. "Medusa Groove" - as its title also declares - is groovy and shows enough comfort being played by loyal fans of the 'bluesy' yet shakin' side of (Hard) Rock. Thumbs up for the production - again I do not know if the originals have a relevant sound - pushing the songlist one scale upper; this CHARLOTTE release is ideal for followers of the 'not that plain/party' American Hard Rock style. It will be a frequent visitor in my CD player, no questions asked - conscious Rock 'n' Roooll!

P.S.: "Invisible Man" (even) goes Funk...

8 / 10


"Medusa Groove" Track-listing:
  1. Medusa Groove
  2. Woman Behind The Eyes
  3. Siren
  4. Little Devils
  5. Miss Necrophilia
  6. She Get It Up
  7. Got Love On The Line
  8. Changes
  9. Roadhouse Of Love
  10. Ocean Of Love And Mercy
  11. Invisible Man
  12. All Tied Up
Charlotte Lineup:

Eric Ganz - Lead Vocals
Nick DiBacco - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Vinnie Cacciotti - Guitar
Chris Colovas - Bass, Backing Vocals
Eric D. Brewton - Drums, Backing Vocals

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