The middle east Metal scene, on an international level, is rather dormant. While Arabs in […]
By Charlotte ''Downright Destructive'' Lamontagne
February 1, 2016
Chaosnerve - Endolight album cover

The middle east Metal scene, on an international level, is rather dormant. While Arabs in general are great consumers of the genre, its musical projects usually remain in the depths of the underground, local scene. In this sense, any product born and crafted in such areas of the world normally tend to raise a load of questions, or a feeling of distinction beforehand. If not, bands in the vein of CHAOSNERVE, surely will. Sporting the label of Modern Metal, for one, is quite intriguing, as much as adding the ''Melodic, Electronic music influenced'' in the equation. The fact that some bands dare mixing two styles which fundamentally contradict each other and advocate radically divergent values or principles is beyond risky. With efforts and originality, some do master this somewhat indefinite and strange sound, but sadly, the Istanbullu formation fails to deliver power, force and simple cleverness. Formed in 2010, the quintet eagerly released their first EP, ''Endolight'', in late 2015. Said to be inspired by sources of music from all around the globe, in a variety of styles, it is that very element which betrays the band and demolishes its credibility

With such an interesting band name, it feels as if the formation itself had let down all its listeners for not exploiting the theme more actively. Chaos is no where to be seen in the quintet's music or image, and the titles reflect no genuine themes; simply reusing cheesy clichés (''Hope Dies'', ''For You''...). The style, in terms of sound and aesthetic, meets no boldness. Supported by a clean and modern logo, the cover art exudes a conventional Dubstep aura before anything near Metal. Besides including electronic sections, which can show a certain amount of bravery, the record takes pleasure into coating itself with overused ideas and elements. It emanates a Pop-flavored Metal, far from the groundbreaking, innovative sound such influences could have created once mixed together. ''Endolight'' copies the sound of various influences, instead of appropriating a particular or unique tone, a concept which is crucial to the band's trademark. It leans on the boundaries of Core, it bends over radio-friendly Rock, it gravitates around Metal's 'heavy 'n crunchy' signature and demonstrates a keen interest for all things modern... As it may seduce one at first, retrospect will cruelly expose the band's frustrating approach as to never fully committing to particular elements or ideas, culminating in a boring spin which reflects no true brilliance or simple innovation.

In terms of Pop-Rock, the record comes off as hard, but definitely weak under a Metal point of view. Because it offers no reinvention, little is left to truly adore, but some aspects do stand out. If you want Metal, look for it in the tone - sharp and heavy - in contrast with the commercial elements. Other aspects like the well-developed technique and the overall punchy and sharp rhythm may also honor Metal's spirit; and will definitely entice the ear if, you too, stand fundamentally against electro-oriented music. Nice and refined melodies are expressed by the guitars, and slower sections exclusively dedicated to melody solidify the record and give overall credibility (''Awakening''). Kerem Dincer's rich and powerful voice might seduce the general auditory, but can possibly feel as if its killing the authentic vibe even more than the machine-made sounds. Coming off all clean and polished, it weirdly awakens souvenirs of the 90's Nu-Metal movement, with doubtful acts such as LINKIN PARK.

As a whole, the end result lacks maturity and feeling. Guts are missing to the final sound, heart-wrenching emotions and passion are no where to be found. Industrialized, a certain authenticity - the type to be found in old school music - vanishes from the formation's EP. Nevertheless, tunes like ''Leaving All Behind'' prove good communication between the band mates and a satisfying amount of potential. The missing creativity may be due to the lack of experience, which time alone can fix if the quintet ever focuses on precise ideas and strengths, instead of vastly exploring hundreds of styles at the same time. The futuristic universe is a long-used concept by many Metal bands. The wind, the atmospheric progression... While it is a great classic, reinvention will always be key.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Endolight" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Hope Dies
3. Awakening
4. For You
5. Leaving All Behind

Chaosnerve Lineup:

Kerem Dincer - Vocals
Semhan Aydin - Guitar
Ozgür Topçuoglu - Guitar
Barbaros Pakar - Bass
Tan Mungan - Drums

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