The Journey Into The Heart Of Darkness


With a name like CHAINSAW you would think you would be listening to a Thrash […]
By Ian Kaatz
February 18, 2008
Chainsaw - The Journey Into The Heart Of Darkness album cover

With a name like CHAINSAW you would think you would be listening to a Thrash album, but in actuality it's mostly a Power Metal; keyword mostly. This particular album is being re-released - I think - to coincide with the release of an EP that continues a possible story.

The band began as a cover band in 1997. They won a couple of battles of the bands competitions and then recorded their first album in 2000. Their second release was in 2005 after a couple years of touring and finally getting signed to Metal Mind Productions. The original release of the album was only distributed in Poland and, thus, that brings up to date with the re-release of the said album.

The first track Bitter Thoughts has Melodic Power feel with interesting hints of Melodic Death sprinkled loosely throughout. I found this track to be pretty interesting due to the variation in the sounds that were present. The fourth track is possibly the most melodic and definitely the catchiest song thus far. I think I hear a few bit of THUNDERSTONE in this band, but on a darker level they just don't sound quite as 'happy' as THUNDERSTONE.

In Flames tops Destroying The Madness as the most melodic on the album, but not the most catchy. I think I even heard some programming/keyboards in this track as well, which my ears didn't find anywhere else on the album either. The seventh track reminds me of SAXON and BURNING POINT; very straightforward and very much in an 'old school' kind of vibe. There was the surprise of the death vocals again though with the SAXON-esque vibe struck me as kind of odd at first but grew on me. The next track reminded me a lot of BRAINSTORM musically in its aggression level. I also found the variation in the vocals from clean, to death, to chants was a kick-ass way to make the song stand out a little. The double bass that is going on during this part (though isn't the most technical) it is very very solid and gets your heading knodding. The final track is The Mourning Song; [it] had a nice energy to it, though it was a low frequency; it was a really solid track from the guitar solo to the chants and the great bass lines being laid down.  It is a very nice and slow track; makes you think of a nice calming cut. Though it is an odd way to end the album, unless you get the edition with the bonus track. The bonus track, Niecierpliwy, is Impatient in Polish and features vocals from Grzegorz Kupczyk.

This is gonna sound odd I think, but CHAINSAW are making music that has a pretty good sound meaning and is variable within its self though it still sounds generic. The songs just don't stand out that much and while their songs are quite different from each other they just aren't that great of songs. If you like Power Metal then I would suggest it to you, but that's probably about it.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"The Journey Into The Heart Of Darkness" Track-listing:

Bitter Thoughts
The Beginning
Na Skrzydlach Nocy
Destroying The Madness
Dying Hope
In Flames
Welcome To Hell
Masters Of Shattared Dreams
The Mourning Song
Niecierpliwy  (feat. Grzegorz Kupczyk)

Chainsaw Lineup:

Maxx - Vocals
Jaras - Guitars
Rygiel - Guitars
Marek - Bass
Seba - Drums

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