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Metal Missionary


With such name, such logo, such cover artwork and the specific song title I did […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 12, 2009
Chainsaw - Metal Missionary album cover

With such name, such logo, such cover artwork and the specific song title I did not spend much time until I realize that CHAINSAW is a pure Thrash Metal act. The fact is that this is a label I hear for the first time and I wasn't 100% sure of what to expect. The good thing is that CHAINSAW are exactly what their name implies, a fully armed chainsaw ready to cut your flesh in tiny little pieces.

Originating from Holland, CHAINSAW were formed in the summer of 1996. If I haven't misinterpreted anything, Meat Rackords is a label they have formed to release their own stuff. Anyway, this Dutch quartet is a classic example of a band trying to keep the old school sound alive. The fact is, can they do it?

In my opinion, a metalhead always has to respect and pay some kind of tribute to his musical past and roots. But we are living in 2009 and some things belong to the past. CHAINSAW with their DARK ANGEL meets RAZOR Thrash Metal assault show no sign of freshness. It is like they are still living (or to be more precise playing music) in the 80's. The one riff comes after the other, the passionate screams and the relentless drumming are things that build this album. Yes they do have an incredible amount of passion and honesty in their music, something I did appreciate from the very first time I listened to Metal Missionary, but are these things enough? I don't think so...

Everything, from the compositions to the production are totally crude and raw, and taking into consideration the talent and possibilities our times offer, I am sorry to say that CHAINSAW probably don't have a shot out there. I am really into what they are doing and I enjoyed the album, but Metal Missionary is a release that will please only a limited audience. Anyway, thumbs up for CHAINSAW that do what they love and don't give a damn about what the music industry orders!

"Metal Missionary" Track-listing:

Demolition Hammer
Hand Of God
Supreme Command
The Missionary
The Meat Factory
Liquid Love
Total Annihilation
Two Feet Of Meat
Dominion Of Man
Meet Your Maker
Heavy Sex Maniac
Tonight I'm Going To Rock You
The Meat Locker

Chainsaw Lineup:

Aike - Vocals
Yanni - Guitar
Quinz - Bass
Don - Drums

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