The Kiss Of Coatlicue


CHABTAN is a Deathcore band coming from Paris, France. The band formed in 2011 and […]
By Matan "Shouter" Yaniv
April 20, 2015
Chabtan - The Kiss Of Coatlicue album cover

CHABTAN is a Deathcore band coming from Paris, France. The band formed in 2011 and two years after, in 2013, the band released their self-made EP that's called "Eleven". After that, the band signed with Mighty Music Records and they released this year their debut album, "The Kiss Of Coatlicue".

The album starts with "The Nahual's Omen". It's an impressive performance of the band that indicating on a strong musician. The song that starts good, fast and strong, but then the same atmosphere continues over and over again. The problem of the song is simply that the song is not going anywhere in some point. Although the song is fast, and has sophisticated solos, more sophisticated parts doesn't help to make a change in the song, and in this song it feels more like a very long first temple.

A song that makes a change in the album is my favorite track that's called "Born From Vucub Caquix". The band finally creates some deepness and some different parts that sound really interesting and really entreating. Again, the performance of the song is absolutely amazing and the band revealed as a musician in a very high level.

The biggest problem that I recognized in the album is that, except for a few songs, there is not a lot of deepness in the album. I think that the band wanted to do more fast parts and some crazy screams and growls to create a much more sophisticated album, but its feels like there are so much of them and so little of actual fun and emotions in the album. I am not saying that they need to do a Soul song of course, but even in the songs of ARCH ENEMY, and even CANNIBAL CORPSE, there is a lot of emotions that we can feel.

Even in the album title song, "The Kiss Of Coatlicue", a really melodic song that also feels more like few parts are coming together. The band really wanted the songs to do well, but its feels more like they wanted to add more and more sophisticated parts and its makes the song really pressed.

In the bottom line, its feels like that the band members are perfectionists and they really want the song to be more sophisticated and good. They are good performers and musicians in a high level, and this is why I think they can get to a big thing. I do think that the band really needs to improve their writing process of their songs and not to squeeze more sophisticated parts where the parts don't belong. If it will change, the second album will be a lot better.

5 / 10


"The Kiss Of Coatlicue" Track-listing:

1. The Nahual's Omen
2. Ixtab
3. Born From Vucub Caquix
4. Astral Monsters
5. Anthropomorphic Beast.
6. The Kiss Of Coatlicue
7. Follow The Darkest Way
8. Ah Puch Reign
9. Reptile
10. Obsidian Butterfly
11. Visions Of The Snake

Chabtan Lineup:

Jean-Philippe Porteux - Guitar
Cristofer Rousseau - Vocals
Yanis Bergheul - Drums
Laurent Gasperetti - Bass

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