Our Journey Through Forever

Ceremonial Castings

CEREMONIAL CASTINGS began in Battle Ground, Washington circa 1996, originally ending in 2014, then coming […]
By Tom Hanno
March 28, 2022
Ceremonial Castings - Our Journey Through Forever album cover

CEREMONIAL CASTINGS began in Battle Ground, Washington circa 1996, originally ending in 2014, then coming back in the year 2020, ready to crush heads with their devastating brand of Symphonic Black Metal.

They celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2021, and to honor that time, CEREMONIAL CASTINGS chose eighteen songs from their nine full length albums, and their many demos, EPs, and splits, curating a quintessential double cd package for their most ravenous fans. "Our Journey Through Forever" also contains two unreleased instrumental tracks from Nick Superchi and was unleashed on February 25th, 2022.

I had not known of this band until just recently, which may come as a surprise to some of you fine Metal Temple readers. I'm not much of a Black Metal follower, which was especially true back when CEREMONIAL CASTINGS was the most active. I have now found that I had been missing out for the last 26 years, as this American Black Metal powerhouse is very talented, and very heavy.

One of the cool things about hearing these tracks for the first time is that I have no preconceived notions, and no biases about them going in. Plus, I can get a different feel for the music this way, especially with re-recorded music like these songs are. For example, I like how these recordings still have the sound of the 1990s, and by that I mean that the production has a nostalgic vibe, while still sounding better than similar music of that time.

One of the best pieces on this record is called "The Purifier of Battle Pt I," with its epic sound based solely on keyboard work. Its partner, "The Purifier of Battle Pt II," is another fully instrumental track, and is as beautiful as the first part was. I've always enjoyed these types of songs, as they serve as an interlude that breaks up the intense pummeling that the rest of the album delivers us.

"Come Forth ... Damnation" opens the album with devastating effects, with keyboard work that occasionally reminds me of A Nightmare on Elm Street; the tone mostly, but also the way it's written too. The riffs are catchy, fast, and well played, and the vocals are superb!! There isn't a single piece of this song that I feel is sub-par, and it's the perfect way to begin the album.

Another song that I felt was worthy of talking about is track number four, "My Kingdom of Cold Sorrows". This one embodies the aspects of black metal that I enjoy, and has a subtle WOODS OF YPRESS sound too, although WOODS OF YPRESS was founded after CEREMONIAL CASTINGS. What I enjoy most about this one is that it doesn't use fast riffs to carry the song, and that the band was able to use the slower parts to really power the song.

Other standout songs include, "Bewitching Black Metal," "The Fall of Man," "Human Slave Infantry," and "A Serpent's Kiss".

7 / 10









"Our Journey Through Forever" Track-listing:

1. Come Forth ... Damnation
2. Immortal Black Art
3. Our Journey Through Forever
4. My Kingdom of Cold Sorrows
5. I, A Thousand Fires
6. Bewitching Black Metal
7. The Purifier of Battle Pt. 1
8. Desecration of Grace
9. The Fall of Man
10. Midnight Deathcult Phenomena
11. Darkness & War
12. Into the Black Forest of Witchery
13. Sweet Misery I Foresee
14. Barbaric is the Beast
15. Frostseasongoddess
16. Human Slave Infantry
17. The Purifier of Battle Pt. 2
18. A Serpent's Kiss
19. Universal Funeral March
20. The Coming of Dawn We Fear

Ceremonial Castings Lineup:

Nick Superchi - Keyboards, Piano, Bass Guitar
Jake Superchi - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Matt Mattern - Drums

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