CERBERON is a Modern Metal band based out of Scotland. This is the debut EP. […]
February 16, 2019
Cerberon - Cerberon album cover

CERBERON is a Modern Metal band based out of Scotland. This is the debut EP. The list their band interests as "sharing our music around the world and kicking-ass while doing it." "Stroggified" leads off the four track EP, with a heavy and dark groove. The vocals are harsh but more like louder whispers, while the guitars are based on open chords for the most part, varying a bit here and there. It isn't overly original however. "Operation Eisenfaust" is a little bit quicker but still with a recognizable riff that you have heard before. It's also the name of a character in the series "World of Warcraft." The vocals are again hushed offerings and the backing vocals join in earnest in the chorus.

"The Monster" opens with a slow groove. The whispers are dark but turn full of rage and anger while the guitars linger on the low open notes. You definitely get that sense of darkness that comes with the title of the song. A monster lurking in dark shadows waiting to prey on its victims. "Blood on the Mountain" closes the album, with clean and somber guitar tones and whispered vocals. The riff gathers steam and builds into a more complete offering, sad and dejected. Towards the end they are able to build on the track and give it some haste, with bass notes that you can hear. I always feel too many metal bands don't feature the bass guitar in the mix but you can hear it here obviously.

Overall, this is not a bad attempt for their first EP. However, they must find more ways to separate themselves from the mountains of bands that are out there trying to make a name for themselves in the genre. The vocals are unique so they have that going for them. But the riffs are pretty run of the mill. They might surprise us soon with a full-length that bears more weight of their personality.

5 / 10









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"Cerberon" Track-listing:

1. Stroggified
2. Operation Eisenfaust
3. The Monster
4. Blood on the Mountain

Cerberon Lineup:

Conor O'Donnell - Vocals/Guitars
Chris Hagen - Guitars
Charlie Rees - Bass
Blair Macdonald - Drums

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