Conforming To Abnormality

Cephalic Carnage

The band's latest full-length offering Xenosapien, which was issued last year, still hasn't left my […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 5, 2008
Cephalic Carnage - Conforming To Abnormality album cover

The band's latest full-length offering Xenosapien, which was issued last year, still hasn't left my CD player and Relapse Records is determined to change it with one more CEPHALIC CARNAGE release. But wait... I didn't know CEPHALIC CARNAGE were going to release a new album, and I definitely have come across this title in the past. Phew, and just as I thought I was starting to lose it...

I DO know Conforming To Abnormality, since it is the band's debut album, which was released back in 1998 by Headfucker Records and the second pressing by Highbryd Records. Ten years have passed since its release and Relapse thought that it would be a good time to re-release it with 21 (!) bonus tracks. What more can Relapse offer to you? Many things since all of you who already have the first version are aware of the sound quality. So here it is, remixed, remastered and repackaged.

It is 1998 when some youngsters thought that they weren't doing anything with demo and split releases and they recorded their first ever full-length release. CEPHALIC CARNAGE offered a kind of music that the Metal scene had not heard until then. Their incredible mix of Grindcore, Sludge, Hardcore and Doom Metal, which later evolved into a more modern and groundbreaking sound was something that the extreme metallers immediately noticed. The band's super groove, insane drumming, crazy breaks and jazzy Grind was what earned them their contract with Relapse Records.

A re-release with much better sound and 21 bonus tracks is definitely something fans of the band and people who are looking for CEPHALIC CARNAGE's debut album will lay their hands on without second thoughts. If you have ever come across the band's stunning technical abilities and out-of-this-world crazy songwriting, then you will probably need this album. I don't want to rate it, since it is a re-release, but I can tell you that if you are a fan of the extreme side of Metal and you are looking for something that will melt your brains, then Conforming To Abnormality is exactly what you need.

"Conforming To Abnormality" Track-listing:

Anechoic Chamber
Regalos De Mota
Extreme Of Paranoia
Waiting For The Millennium
Live At Your Moms House
Exhumed Remains
The Struggle
Trailor Park Meth Queen
Phantom Pharter
Strung Out On Viagra
Perversions And The Guilt After
Stepped In Cow Shit Blues
Father Pederast
Once More With Out Feeling
Shut Up
Novocain (Re-Installing Teeth)
Shrump Po' Boy
Occular Penile Receptacle
Dave's Lunch (CD Only Bonus Track)
Untitled (CD Only Bonus Track)

Cephalic Carnage Lineup:

Lenzig Leal - Vocals
Zac Joe - Guitar
Steve Goldberg - Guitar
Nick Schendzielos - Bass
John Merryman - Drums

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