Cold Visions Of Nether

Cemetery Dwell

CEMETERY DWELL hailing from Argentina was formed in 2020. They are an old school Death […]
January 28, 2021
Cemetery Dwell - Cold Visions Of Nether album cover

CEMETERY DWELL hailing from Argentina was formed in 2020. They are an old school Death Metal band and they are inspired by bands like SEPULTURA, MORBID ANGEL, and DEPRAVITY. "Cold Visions Of Nether" is their debut demo and is an independent digital release. There is no video release yet. The demo has a length of approximately 11 minutes.

"Cold Visions Of Nether" is a demo that follows the footsteps of classical Death Metal at high tempo with no compromise. The three tracks may be a good indicator what to expect from the three Argentinians in the future. The title song shows immediately the direction of the 11 minutes onslaught: simple but powerful guitar riffs, crushing bass, relentless hammering drums at breakneck speed, and guttural vocals at the low end of the range. The bulky sound of the rhythm guitars as well as the lead guitar sequences add a bit extra darkness to the song. "Cold Visions Of Nether" includes a perfectly contributing lead guitar solo which reminded me on very early SEPULTURA songs.

"Prison Of All Light" sounds darker than the title song amplified by the frosty lead guitar sequences and the screams at the beginning of the song. It all starts at a slow tempo before the song erupts into the high speed approach of the preceding song. "Prison Of All Light" has a mid-tempo break halfway through that contributes to the darkness of the song. The final song has also slow start, but not for long. The song structure is similar to "Prison Of All Light" with a middle break and a high speed finale.

"Cold Visions Of Nether" may just be a teaser for the things to come from CEMETERY DWELL. If that was the purpose, then it worked well because it created excitement at least from my end. It is a promising demo from a promising band. The general direction is clear: old school Death Metal, raw and honest, pretty much dominated by the guitars. I liked the fact, that it was not an 11 minutes blast-beat fest, the techniques of each instrument were used when there was a contribution to the song; for example the level of technicality was raised only when needed. The vocals could be a bit more diverse. The demo is well produced, although I would have liked to hear more drums and vocals. CEMETERY DWELL set a mark with their demo and fans of classical Death Metal can look forward to a full-length album in the future.

8 / 10









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"Cold Visions Of Nether" Track-listing:

1. Cold Visions Of Nether
2. Prison Of All Light
3. Rampant Bleeding Horizons

Cemetery Dwell Lineup:

Dweller - Vocals
Tyrant - Guitars, Bass
Hoarfrost - Drums

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