Out Of The Cage

Cellulite Star

CELLULITE STAR are an all-female hard-rock act from Padova, Italy. CELLULITE STAR have just released […]
By Chelsea Jennings
March 5, 2015

CELLULITE STAR are an all-female hard-rock act from Padova, Italy. CELLULITE STAR have just released their latest offering "Out Of The Cage" was released via Valery Records on December 15th, 2014. The latest release was sure to see Cellulite Star rise to a new musical level.

   The first track titled "Alpha Female" starts the album off with a catchy upbeat riff, and distorted vocals before coming back into something more intelligible. The song kicks off the theme that will ensue for the entire album: the idea that women are powerful figures who can accomplish things in life on their own without the power and influence of men overshadowing what they can do.

   The album goes on to provide more classic "woman power" anthems such as "Cruel", which reminds us that oftentimes life is cruel and no one can truly be relied on in life except ourselves. We must work hard, and depend on ourselves to be the happiest we can be. We determine our own destinies in life. "Motherscene" encourages women to take charge of their own lives, and to live their lives according to their dreams. No one can stop you from living out your dreams if you work hard enough to attain them. "F.A.N.S." begins with another positive, upbeat feel and talks about how women can accomplish anything when they put their minds and hearts into their work. It's just a matter of wanting it bad enough and making it happen.

   The latest offering from CELLULITE STAR is a nice change of pace. They are a classical "power to women" type of band, however sometimes the songs can be a bit monotonous covering the same topic on a track for twelve songs. Overall, the sound is great, and it's upbeat and punk-y sounding. If you like classic "power to women: types of bands, then CELLULITE STAR is a find for you!

8 / 10


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"Out Of The Cage" Track-listing:

1. Alpha Woman
2. Old Inside
3. Out Of The Cage
4. New Melody
5. The Maze That I Am
6. Feel No Shame
7. Hooking Up With The Guy
8. Cruel
9. Motherscene
10 F.A.N.S.
11. When The Dancefloor Is Dead
12. Vivo Perch Songo

Cellulite Star Lineup:

Isabella Tuna - Vocals
Cluadia Gamba - Guitars
Erika Pagin - Bass
Elisa Montin - Drums

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