Evilution - DEMO


The minimalistic front cover artwork of this demo drew my attention (I always liked simple […]
By Michael Dalakos
June 6, 2005
Cellout - Evilution - DEMO album cover

The minimalistic front cover artwork of this demo drew my attention (I always liked simple front covers) but for some reason I left this demo on the shelf for a while, only to realize a couple of months later what gem I wasn't listening to all this time! The latest demo of Cellout has to be one of the best modern Rock demos I have listened to for the last couple years.
CellOut was formed in July 2003 by Percy Mejhagen (Vocals & Guitar) and Robert Monegrim (Guitar & Backing vocals). With their first demo they have managed to achieve a lot of publicity in their country since they have been Band of The Week on the Swedish National Radio show P3 Demo. And when it was time to sum up the most interesting bands so far for that year CellOut was once again on the list. Rockradio chose Just What's Right and Flooded as songs of the week. Just What's Right reached #6 on their Tuesday Top Ten List and Flooded stayed 10 weeks on the chart and one week on the number one spot!
Evilution is an example for imitation for all the bands that whish to play fine modern Rock / Nu Metal. The band is driven by the outstanding performance of vocalist Percy Mejhagen who manages to deliver the best, no mater if he sings in rough or more melodic patterns. The dominant instrument is of course the guitars with solid riffs and a tight rhythm section. The band seems able to sound catchy (they have some hell of refrains) without loosing too much of their dynamics. From the four songs I picked out the first one, Dark Days, being a mid tempo bombastic tune with fuzzy guitars and a poser-like refrain, and the third one Flooded being a power ballad with great sense of melody. The demo comes with a top-notch production, quite professionally laid through its duration.
It's always good to see bands standing strong on their feet as professionals do. In my opinion CellOut have what it takes to become the next big thing in modern Rock.

"Evilution - DEMO" Track-listing:

Dark Days
I'm Keeping You Down
Nothing #1

Cellout Lineup:

Percy Mejhagen - Vocals & Guitar
Robert Monegrim - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Anders Sevebo - Bass
Robin Lagerqvist - Drums

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