Morbid Visions


I have also reviewed the rerelease of "Bestial Devastation" by the CAVALERA brothers, and there […]
By MetalWim
August 1, 2023
Cavalera - Morbid Visions album cover

I have also reviewed the rerelease of "Bestial Devastation" by the CAVALERA brothers, and there are a lot of similarities between that on and this release of "Morbid Visions". This one actually was the very first full-length album that SEPULTURA threw at the world in 1986, but for most of us it wasn't really being noticed, that is, until the band released "Beneath The Remains" in 1989. That was their breakthrough, and also the first available music of SEPULTURA with a proper production. Because I have to be frank, the sound on the original recordings of "Bestial Devastation" and "Morbid Visions" are very poor indeed. As if they were recorded in a tin can.

Max and Iggor must have known they needed to rectify this injustice to these two releases, and set out on a mission to give them to us in a much-improved package. There is only one thing to conclude; they succeeded. It lifts them from obligatory releases to mandatory ones, in other words, you really NEED to buy these, if you are a proper fan od Max-era SEPULTURA. And no, not only because it makes a lot better impression sound-wise. No, you primarily NEED these because they showcase the fact that even in the very early days SEPULTURA was capable of writing, recording and playing bloody good and extremely fast songs. And through the wonders of contemporary and current recording techniques they can finally be recognised as such.

Especially on the CAVALERA version of "Morbid Visions" you will be able to hear how much progress then band made within a year's time. Every song stands out now, has their own credibility and all nine together make into one hell of an impressive album. If only the band would have had access to these kinds of conditions when this was originally recorded. If they would have, nobody would have named "Beneath The Remains" as their first great album.

To take music that6 is some thirty-seven years old, and give it a new lease of life in this vein, remands respect for Max and Iggor Cavalera. They have refrained from changing the music, but instead have opted to just enhance it where possible. It makes listening to "Morbid Visions" as well as "Bestial Devastation" into a celebration on its own. I therefore applaud CAVALERA and NUCLEAR BLAST for making these releases available for us, the old folks who still love the Max-era SEPULTURA to bits.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Morbid Visions" Track-listing:

1 Morbid Visions (3:37)
2 Mayhem (3:05)
3 Troops of Doom (3:39)
4 War (4:55)
5 Crucifixion (4:55)
6 Show Me the Wrath (4:53)
7 Funeral Rites (4:53)
8 Empire of the Damned (5:11)
9 Burn the Dead (2:15)

Cavalera Lineup:

Max Cavalera - All Guitars & Vocals
Iggor Cavalera - Drums & Percussion

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