Cavalera Conspiracy

During the last few years, we had many reunions. To tell you the truth, most […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
February 22, 2008
Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted album cover

During the last few years, we had many reunions. To tell you the truth, most of the times I don't like the final result. But, fortunately, for almost every rule there are some exceptions. And the new super group CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, is one of them. Max, Igor and their fellows, are here to kick major ass!
What can you say for these two guys? Who doesn't know their accomplishments with SEPULTURA and Max's with SOULFLY? Not that Mark and Joe are not well-known from their bands. CAVALERA CONSPIRACY is not a SEPULTURA reunion.  It is a project that stands on its own. Of course their sound is look-alike with the one of their previous bands; I believe that there is no reason to start narrating the history of those four guys and the things they did with their other bands and projects. I believe that every metalhead knows almost everything. So, on we go with what I have to say about their new release, Inflikted.

Even though the two brothers haven't recorded anything for over a decade, the chemistry is still here. And with the addition of Joe (GOJIRA) and Marc (SOULFLY), they recorded a hell of an album. If we want to make a comparison, we would say that Inflikted is somewhere between Chaos A.D and SOULFLY's Dark Ages and you may hear some riffs reminding you of the order SEPULTURA albums. The music of the album consists of Thrash Metal and Hardcore, with tribal elements that first were listened back in '93 and '96 in Chaos A.D. and Roots respectively. As for the other two members, Joe is an excellent choice to complete the rhythm section and Rizzo gives this 'extra' to the album, with his technique. If I had to choose some songs from this album, even though it's too difficult for me since I think all songs are on the same scale; those are Inflikted, Dark Ark, Bloodbrawl and Must Kill (imagine shouting MUST! KILL! at the band's live show!).
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY are here to stay. Not a reunion of an older band or a side project. An album that every Metal fan has to buy. The brothers are back and the only thing we must do is to have some great time listening to their new album.

8 / 10


"Inflikted" Track-listing:

Black Ark
The Doom Of All Fires
Hearts Of Darkness
Must Kill

Cavalera Conspiracy Lineup:

Max Cavalera - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Iggor Cavalera - Drums & Percussion
Marc Rizzo - Lead Guitar
Joe Duplantier - Bass Guitar

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