The Day The Earth Stopped

Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate Turning

Worldwide famous in every circles of Headbanging connoisseurs and in every corner of the underground […]
November 29, 2015
Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate - The Day The Earth Stopped Turning album cover

Worldwide famous in every circles of Headbanging connoisseurs and in every corner of the underground Metal galaxy...really well known as the reputed Vocalist/Frontman for DOMAIN/EVIDENCE ONE/CODE OF PERFECTION or in the underrated ANGEL OF EDEN and obviously for MIDNITE CLUB, Mister Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz is a real solid, referential household name!

Recently this highly gifted singer united his fate with the finest record label POWER PROG from Germany: both are proud to announce the release of his first solo album "The Day The Earth Stopped Turning" under the flag of "Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate", which was recorded with the creative participation of a great bunch of talented musicians and of course some are among the really big names of the industry, everyone is more or less related with the old and contemporary Metal scene, as the name Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz is certainly no stranger to the international Rock & Metal mafia of  steel decibels...Here is an condensed list of Famous contributors that needs no introduction: Ramy Ali (FREEDOM CALL/IRON MASK) on Drums PRIMAL FEAR/SINNER's main man Mat Sinner or Neil Murray (exWHITESNAKE) as Bass players and legendary solo artists such as Germany favorite axeman Axel Rudi Pell or Keyboards Prog expert Erik Norlander. Some others are less famous but their endowments are priceless :The Japanese Maestro: Kelly Simonz or his Italian alter-ego Tommy Vitaly and even so the German left-handed shredder Thorsten Koehne (EDEN'S CURSE)...Ear Candy my friends!

The line-up list is like a who's who of the Hard Rock/Metal genre, is a consortium composed by dozens of well-known players, presenting a myriad of guest artists especially rich in the guitarists role, his peers, friends and collaborators had provided some great inspiring talent, logistic help and artistic support, indeed his respected name was associated with many bands for now more than 20 years, all along a lasting and successful career,but also many studio projects, lending his lead singing or his sought-after songwriter skills on some recent albums by CRYLORD/DEAD END HEROES/LAVALLE/RIK PRIEM'S PRIME/FROZEN RAIN/LEVEL 10, and countless other releases.

A difficult process because of so many interventions from around the world, a real labor of love that took many years to be complete and total accordance within the early conceptual vision, an hypothetical ambitious project that is now for real, indeed with the realization of Carsten first solo album "The Day The Earth Stopped Turning" that will be available as Double CD, digital download and stream, the release date is set at the end of November 2015: a dream comes true!

"The Day The Earth Stopped Turning" is a full blast of first Class Hard & Heavy album with this special old-school flair notably tagged or uplifted by the highlights like :The remarkable good old 70's AOR numbers "Perfect To Me" with notably the superb solo spot by FAIR WARNING's Helge Engelke and his perfectly identifiable sound !

The straight sophisticated Classic Hard Rock, is the norm and simply guys: it's how it should always sound in 2015 ! A first rate collection of noble tunes, crafted/produced carefully in the studio in the key of DEEP PURPLE/RAINBOW/WHITESNAKE by Carsten and his buddy from the early days of MIDNITE CLUB: Steffen Seeger as helpful sound engineer !

A man proud of his art, a tribe spirit with his friends from the current world of music and which is much more than a tribute to the good old days, a finest dream-team and their mission : give us an over 80 minutes everlasting listening pleasure, which is spreading onto a double silver platter!

A set of discs, a precious duet of genuine sounds that brings us back to the audio sensation of past and finally similar to the greats and legends of Classic Rock in a perfect orthodox attitude improved with a slight update!

8 / 10


"The Day The Earth Stopped" Track-listing:


1. The Prize Is Shame
2. Head's Blowing A Fuse
3. Black Water Soul
4. Dogs
5. Perfect To Me
6. Into The Blue
7. Soulburn
8. Man In Flames


09. Last Train To Babylon
10. Lucky Star
11. Song Like Rain
12. Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten
13. Brand New Fire
14. Nothing Left To Give
15. Postcards From Hell
16. The Teacher

Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate Turning Lineup:

Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz - Lead & Backing Vocals
Various Artists

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