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CARRY THE TORCH from Sweden brings us a their first full length album "Obsession". They […]
August 20, 2019
Carry The Torch - Obsession album cover

CARRY THE TORCH from Sweden brings us a their first full length album "Obsession". They signed on to Sliptrick Records on February 15th, 2019. Formed in 2010, CARRY THE TORCH did not begin to seriously write music up until 2016. While they had written songs earlier, "Obsession" is an album of those older songs that they rewrote for this production

This album has everything you're looking for with Thrash Metal mixed with modern Death Metal / Deathcore. From heavy speedy riffs to downright bludgeoning beats, to powerful growl vocals, and even to slow melodic tones. There is something for everyone that delves into this genre. The album goes through phases always making sure that the listener is never bored. Each track offers something different. The vocals are downright dirty and deep. While listening to the album, I could hear influences of AS I LAY DYING, DEVILDRIVER, and some AMON AMARTH.

"Bow Down "offers us more of the Death Metal that has become popular. Blast beating runs the course of the song which only drives it to a heavier home. One of the greatest things about the song, though, is the dueling guitars in the middle of the song before the blast beats begin again.

"A New Hell" is a headbangers anthem. This song begins like you're getting ready to walk in for the fight of your life. The low tuned guitars at the beginning offer the set up for the battle. Then the melodic guitars come in, the battle begins. Then this song drops down to a heavy driving rhythm that that continues through the song. Drop in the brutal vocals and the battle heats up. At the end you have it all going in this powerful melee of a song. The driving rhythm, melodic guitar, heavy vocals finish out the song nicely. This almost 7-minute track will have you headbanging all the way through.

"Awakening" offers us a slower beginning with an undistorted melodic guitar riff. That doesn't last long though as the heavy riffs are back to bludgeon you. The vocals still hold that brutal tone as well. The thing about this song is the guitar solo. It is very well done before the second verse of the song. It offers a wide range of riffs that stay in a mid-range but were crafted well. "Black Dog" shows off the melodic riffs that this band creates. Straight out of the gate with clashing guitars before the powerful riffs drop in. The vocals are also showcased in this song. They are heavy, brutal, and goes to an even deeper range not seen in other songs of this album.

"Flame Of A Thousand Suns" is the true shining star of this album. It literally has everything in a great Death Metal song. Heavy riffs melodic choruses, powerful drumming, deep growls and an amazing duel guitar harmonics. This one will be going on my playlist for sure! This chorus in this song is so powerful you can feel it in your core. This song is only about 3 minutes and 30 seconds but the sheer brutality never lets up throughout the entirety of the song.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album. It was a heavy creation of unrestrained power. This is one of those albums that gains in strength as you continue to listen to it. Song after song it continues to get better. All in all, I give this album a 9/10.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Obsession" Track-listing:

1. Obsession
2. Bow Down
3. A New Hell
4. Die Standing
5. Awakening
6. The Scorching
7. Flame O A Thousand Suns
8. Black Dog
9. All Or Nothing
10. Blackened Screams

Carry The Torch Lineup:

Dennis Johansson - Vocals
Philip Nilsson - Guitar
Victor Wahlstedt - Guitar
Björn Lindgren - Drums

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