Cursed Mortality


“Cursed Mortality” is punishing with powerful and crushing riffing and sine-chilling melodies
January 15, 2024

CARNATION were formed in 2013 and they are from Antwerp, Belgium. They are a Death Metal band, and their discography contains two EPs, two full-length albums, and two live albums. Their third full-length album “Cursed Mortality” was produced, engineered and mixed by Yarne Heylen (BODYFARM; NERVOSA; SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION), and mastered by Joel Wanasek (DARK SHIFT; MACHINE HEAD). It has a length of about 35 minutes. The album was released via French label Season Of Mist, which has many Black, Death, and Gothic Metal bands among their current roster.

The album starts with a grim pre-lude to the devastating “Herald Of Demise”, which is a traditional Death Metal attack with powerful riffs, blast-beat and double-bass attacks, as well as chilling melodies. The vocals are growls varying between the medium to deep end of the guttural range. The lead guitar contributions are excellent and fit perfectly into the overall sound. Towards the end, the track gets some symphonic Death Metal vibes, which adds an additional layer to the track. Overall, a very strong beginning of the album. “Maruta” starts with direct and aggressive riffing at fast pace. The Punk vibes during the verse parts are evident, however, during the track, twists and turns in rhythm are added alongside blast-beats, crushing riffs, bone-chilling melodies provided by the lead guitars, and growls and screams from the abyss. “Maruta” adds a bit more brutality to the track compared to the old school opener. “Metropolis” continues with the hammering consisting of a combination of fast paced and head-banging parts. The riff leading to the main melody is orientally inspired and so is the extended lead guitar solo. Highlights are the lead guitar solo, and the riffing combined with the double-bass for the banging parts of the song. “Metropolis” is one of the best album tracks.

Replicant” starts with an extended guitar intro transitioning into a slow, almost ballad-esque part, which includes clean vocals. Eventually, the track becomes very powerful with a mixture of clean and growling vocals and blood-freezing melodies. It might sound a bit weird, but the song is somehow the album ballad, even though it is still a Death Metal track with epic features. “Dutroux” goes back to the Death Metal attack, and the sound of the track is maybe the best evidence for the Swedish Death Metal influence of CARNATION. It is a mixture of fast and mid-tempo pummeling with focus on spine-chilling melodies. Highlight of the track is the short but very contributing lead guitar solo. “Submerged In Deafening Silence” is a grim and doom-laden track at a measured tempo with a sluggish rhythm. While the riffing is crushing, focus is put on bone-chilling melodies. However, at some point, there is a seamless transition to a break at blistering pace, which introduces the lead guitar solo. The track quickly returns to the steamrolling, hammering rhythm, where it finally ends. “Submerged In Deafening Silence” is a very strong song and shows the versatility of songwriting of CARNATION.

Cycle Of Suffering” is a fast Death Metal carnage with a few mid-tempi and a few parts at a measured tempo. The fast parts are accompanied with relentless blast-beat attacks, while the riffing and the lead guitars make sure that the listener freezes to Death. Highlights of the track are the lead guitar contributions as they make sure that the atmosphere of the track is grim. The album finishes with the title track, and it starts with guitar driven dark intro. The lead guitar solo introduces the main melody of the track, which has again a few oriental vibes. After the two minutes introduction, the track turns into another slow track with a mixture of clean and growling vocals, where the focus is on the guitars. Most of the track is played at a measured tempo with a sluggish rhythm. The melodies are track have again the doomy vibes. It is the longest album track, and “Cursed Mortality” has been released as video with the YouTube link provided below.

CARNATION deliver a strong traditional Death Metal album. “Cursed Mortality” is punishing with powerful and crushing riffing and sine-chilling melodies. Focus of the album is the melodic framework driven by the guitars. Highlights are the lead guitar contribution and the versatility of the songs. The album is well produced. Cursed Mortality” is an album for all traditional Death Metal fans, who love darkness and doom.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Cursed Mortality" Track-listing:
  1. Herald Of Demise
  2. Maruta
  3. Metropolis
  4. Replicant
  5. Dutroux
  6. Submerged In Deafening Silence
  7. Cycle Of Suffering  
  8. Cursed Mortality
Carnation Lineup:

Simon Duson Vocals

Jonathan Verstrepen Guitars

Bert Vervoort Guitars

Vincent Verstrepen Drums

Yarne Heylen Bass

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