Preludes and Nocturne

Carnal Agony

Sweden is a gift to Metal as it keeps spitting out/birthing such amazing bands, how […]
By Luke Bravin
February 2, 2015
Carnal Agony - Preludes and Nocturne album cover

Sweden is a gift to Metal as it keeps spitting out/birthing such amazing bands, how does it do it, I do not know but I'm not going to question it. Swedish Melodic, Thrashy Hard Rockers CARNAL AGONY draw influences from the likes of METALLICA, MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, IN FLAMES and TESTAMENT. And for you literature fans out there, this band is devoted to classic literature such as HP Lovecraft, John Milton and Edgar Allan Poe, which often inspires their lyrics.

CARNAL AGONY is the latest sensation in the Scandinavian Metal scene with their excellent blend of pounding Thrash Metal and meaningful lyrics. Based in Umeå, this band produce their own albums at Studio Seven with producer Ronny Milianowicz, a former member of SINERGY, DIONYSUS and SAINT DEAMON, and featured on albums by bigger names in Metal like PRIMAL FEAR and AMON AMARTH. Current drummer for this album is world famous heavy drummer, Uli Kusch, a former member of HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY.

I'm not a big fan of the vocals in this band, although they're growing on me but everything else is excellent. Not to say the vocalist, David Johagon is incapable, just not my thing. You've got some excellent and tasteful guitar tones and riffs, played by guitarists Mathias Wallin and Par-Olof Persson. The opening riff on the opening track, "War Prayer" and the melodic riff in "Rebellion" are great examples of their great guitar work. Now, with a drummer who has played with such legendary bands, Uli Kusch does not disappoint but I have a criticism towards the mixing as they could pack a bit more a punch, only a small tweak, nothing too big. Also, the bass work from Roger Andersson is just a great addition as it's quite melodic at times, like the instrumental break in "Fire Walk with Me".

All in all, this band and album are great additions to the world of Metal and any fan of this band's work will be looking forward to listening to this album and their future endeavours.

7 / 10


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"Preludes and Nocturne" Track-listing:

1. War Prayer
2. The Frozen Throne
3. Rebel's Lament
4. Rebellion
5. Carnal Agony
6. Night of the Werewolf
7. Fire Walk with Me
8. Sleep Waker
9. Crystal Lake
10. Secrets Within the Shrine
11. Together We're Lost

Carnal Agony Lineup:

David Johagen - Vocals
Mathias Wallin - Guitar
Pär-Olof Persson - Guitar
Roger Andersson - Bass
Uli Kusch - Drums

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