Care of Night

Nostalgic, pretty, and with hooks that last for days, “Reconnected” is a great way to introduce yourself to the band or reconnect with them for fans who know their work.
November 21, 2023

Swedish AOR/Melodic Rockers CARE OF NIGHT has announced the upcoming release of their third studio album, “Reconnected,” on November 17, 2023. “We’re thrilled to finally be able to share new music with you. We’ve been working hard on these songs and think fans of the genre will be pleased. This album offers a variety of songs that will last many listens. It also marks a new start for CARE OF NIGHT with the new lineup and label, hence the name, “Reconnected.” The album has eleven songs.

“Street Runner” is first. There is something wonderfully nostalgic about this song. It has that perfect synergy of instruments with vocal harmonies, and a chorus that is catchy as hell. “Tonight” is a keyboard laden song with plenty of melody, and Calle’s vocals are very strong. For me, it brings back memories of my youth. What is it about Sweden that makes so many of these great AOR bands? “Caught Feelings” is a tender song with melodies that are just so memorable. The band shifts in and out of key changes like a race car driver navigating the track, and the lead guitar parts are fantastic. “No One Saves the World Alone” is one of the “power ballads” on the album. Those of you who are my age know what that means. The chorus is the best part of the song…it is rich, full, and poignant.

“Melanie” has a tougher riff with plenty of keys and a great bass line, and another strong chorus and bridge busts through. “Half of my Heart” is a slow, and heart-tugging song with another burst of emotion in the chorus, allowing Calle to really showcase his wonderful vocals. “Follow Through” is a song that keys strongly and deliberately on vocal harmonies as well as backing vocals. The result is to the delight of the listener because they work so well with the melody. “End of a Chapter” has a great bass line. It seems too simple to mention, but many good bands don’t really know how to use their bass player. Take in that wonderful chorus as well…it is glorious. “Stay with Me” is a keyboard led song followed by a mid-tempo riff, as the vocals take most of your attention.

“You’ve Been Fighting Right Here All Along” closes the album…a tender offering with piano and keys amidst the other instruments. The vocals are especially strong in this song. Overall, as I get older, my hardened Metal tastes have begun to mellow, and I find myself gravitating more towards melody. Although the album has a couple of forgettable songs, much of it is spot on. Like label and country-mates CREYE, CARE OF NIGHT crafts careful and memorable songs, with choruses that as so melodic and catchy. Nostalgic, pretty, and with hooks that last for days, “Reconnected” is a great way to introduce yourself to the band or reconnect with them for fans who know their work.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Reconnected" Track-listing:

1. Street Runner

2. Tonight

3. Caught Feelings

4. No One Saves the World Alone

5. Melanie

6. Half of my Heart

7. Follow Through

8. Wrong

9. End of a Chapter

10. Stay With Me

11. You´ve Been Right Here All Along


Care of Night Lineup:

Calle Schönberg – Vocals

Viktor Öström Berg – Guitar

Victor Berg – Keyboards

Niklas Svensson Nattfare – Bass Guitar

Linus Svensson – Drums


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