Weapons of Choice


Even though I abhor violence I totally can relate to the lyrics "Damn it's good […]
By Brynn Kali StarDew
January 29, 2023
Carbellion - Weapons of Choice album cover

Even though I abhor violence I totally can relate to the lyrics "Damn it's good to be alive" in the very first song "Barfight" after some close calls with death in cars and who knows where else. All in all a pretty solid metal track. This song definitely has a lot of hard rock elements in it and the name/ album art screams Freedom Rock! I really like that in the video for "Listen for Ghost" they included live footage of concerts and lyrics. Honestly they deserve some credit for this! It just shows it was produced well in my opinion since most metal albums just include album art and the music. The next track "Pity the Backseat" was written by one of Carbelion guitarist Brandon Bauer I found has an official youtube premier in 22 days. So if you're interested in this band definitely check that out. As for track four "Space" I really liked it, there is definitely something here especially if you like 90's progressive rock bands like The Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains.

The Title Track "Weapons of Choice" had an interesting intro but continued on to unimpress me by throwing tasty riffs and melodies my way but un-original in their nature none the less. I'm just not really that into their killing war motif they want to portray. It seems just as bad as the governments that do stuff like that around the globe. Let's just say my weapon of choice is Peace. Moving on to track number six "Preacher" is definitely worth checking out with some nice bass work in the beginning from Steve Sheppard. Track number seven "Jungle Song '' is a different kind of Jungle than I would normally listen to but I really liked its Grundge Nirvana-Esque sounds of the vocalist. The guitar work by Brandon Bauer and Jamie Damrow was good though as the pounding drums of Brent Nimz lead you down the road which is this song, which is surprisingly long too at almost five minutes. I really wasn't expecting anything like this on Weapons of Choice.

"Seasons of Failure '' really reminds me of Rob Zombie's vocals and just overall vibe...so while they are great musicians and this sounds totally original( yes the lyrics are original). I give them an F when it comes to originality, I just have high standards when it comes to music I guess. The FInal Track stalemate was kind of cool, I like that one part at 2:00 it is actually hella cool. According to Eclipse Records they "fuse elements of grunge and thrash with a traditional rock structure to deliver driving anthems of lives lived on the outer rim of society '' I will let you decide... In my opinion though Carbellion is a bunch of older dads who decided to join a band to relive their glory days. I guess you could call it "A Dad Band"?

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Weapons of Choice" Track-listing:

1. Barfight
2. Listen For Ghost
3. Pity The Backseat
4. Space
5. Weapons of Choice
6. Preacher
7. Jungle song
8. Origin
9. Seasons of Failure
10. Stalemate(Live in Studio)

Carbellion Lineup:

Brandon Bauer - Guitar
Cameron Kellenberger - Vocals
Brent Nimz -Drums
Jamie Damrow - Lead Guitar
Steve Sheppard - Bass Guitar

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