The Lights Of Distorted Science

Captain Horizon

This was one of the most original Alternative Rock albums I've came across so far […]
By Lateishah Schultz
April 8, 2014
Captain Horizon - The Lights Of Distorted Science album cover

This was one of the most original Alternative Rock albums I've came across so far in my life. CAPTAIN HORIZON surely set the tone with the right elements and crispy chilling musical inspirations that are quite genuine and commanding. "The Lights Of Distorted Science", even by its sophisticated name, sent a jolt into my brain that, readying me into the unknown, a sort of scientific experiment in Rock that I found honest but also deranged.

The opening track, "The Light" invites us in with rolling drumbeats and intensely near bass. Soon we are met by unique vocals and skillful guitar parts. Eventually we get to the fourth track, "The Sun Has Set", and the mood becomes more emotional with clips of historically significant events throughout. "Shell" has more of a Hard Rock feel to it as well as "Light Years". You can easily assume that the entire album was completely thought out, and you'd be right. There's a little something for everyone and that's what shocked me so much. Most bands are incapable of reaching out to so many different sounds and being able to grab those fanbases' attentions. The entire band has many talents and when you combine them, you get an awesome sound altogether. Steve Whittington stands out with his unique sounding vocals, Alex Thomson's bass is straight up addictive, Joshua Watson on guitar is completely detailed, and James Merrix on drums includes a wide dynamic range with a solid control.

All in all I was definitely pleased with this album as it gives something for everyone.

8 / 10


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"The Lights Of Distorted Science" Track-listing:

1. The Light
2. Shadows and Vampires
3. Patch
4. The Sun Has Set
5. Bottom Of Your Heart
6. Light Years
7. Pious
8. Shell
9. Judge You
10. Brand Me A Ghost
11. Torn Up My World
12. Underworld
13. The River
14. Ex Deus
15. Patch (Acoustic)
16. Patch (single)

Captain Horizon Lineup:

Steve "Whitty" Whittington - Lead Vocals
Joshua Watson - Guitars
James "Mez" Merrix - Drums
Alex Thomson - Bass

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