Kill the Sun

Cane Hill

CANE HILL is a Metal band based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in 2013. […]
March 13, 2019
Cane Hill - Kill the Sun album cover

CANE HILL is a Metal band based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in 2013. I was not able to get much information from their webpage or their Facebook page. They call themselves Nu Metal and are currently on tour with one of my favorite bands, THE AMITY AFFLICTION. This is a six-song EP I am supposing. Let's not waste any more time and get to the music.

"No Escort" opens with a jovial sound and cadence, with soft smooth clean vocals. It has a 90's throwback feeling to it. This is on the lighter side of what we normally review, but it's not bad. The chorus features dual harmonized vocals, which stick in your head. "Empty" opens with acoustical guitars and the tender vocals of Elijah Witt. It has a poppy sound...this is pretty far from Metal, as advertised. The music has a dreamy quality to it; with just enough presence to be in the realm of Hard Rock.

"Save Me" opens with piano and soft, introspective vocals. It picks up a bit with harmonized vocals that are memorable. Something about the song sticks with me. It has a genuine quality to it and the band is just trying to be honest with their craft, which I can appreciate. "Kill the Sun" opens with acoustical guitars and vocals and comes at you slowly...with a pensive quality. The vocals are drawn out for effect. There are no drums, just a steady clapping of hands to keep the rhythm. "Acid Rain" opens with a steady rhythm and some Middle-Eastern influence in the sound. It is very ambient sounding, with a lot of background effects that are just hanging around.

"Smoking Man" closes the album and is much closer to Hard Rock than the rest of the tracks. It has a heavier quality to it, even with the ambient vocals. Around the half-way mark the sound drops and there is a steady sound of electronic metal in the background. Overall, this wasn't bad. It just was advertised incorrectly. This is not Metal, in my opinion, and I don't think this will appeal to many Metalheads. The music was honest and genuine, and from the heart, so you cannot fault them for that.

5 / 10









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"Kill the Sun" Track-listing:

1. No Escort
2. Empty
3. Save Me
4. Kill the Sun
5. Acid Rain
6. Smoking Man

Cane Hill Lineup:

Elijah Witt - Vocals
James Barnett - Guitar
Ryan Henriquez - Bass
Devin Clark - Drums

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