Cancer is a very weird case of a band. They arrived as unexpectedly as they […]
By Thodoris Pantazopoulos
May 29, 2004
Cancer - Corporation$ album cover

Cancer is a very weird case of a band. They arrived as unexpectedly as they disappeared and the more likely reason for someone to remember them is the fact that the legendary James Murphy was at sometime part of the band's lineup and contributed to their second and probably best release, ''Death shall rise''.
 The promo I've got over here is not a new release, but an EP that includes two new songs, ''Oil'' and ''Oxygen thieves (Don't breathe my air mix)'', one cover to Celtic Frost's ''Dethroned Emperor'' and a re-recording to ''Witchhunt'' which is a song from the band's debut ''To The Gory End''. Oh, I forgot to mention the ''Blackened Satchel Remix'' to ''Oil'' but after all it doesn't worth a pin.
Cancers a band dedicated to death-thrash metal and quite an effective one if we think some of their releases like their first ones. Well, surely they were never the greatest and most talented band of the genre, but they were honest towards their fans and qualitative from any point of view.
Judging from this EP, it's difficult to say the same thing for the band's present and future profile. Ok, it's not a new album so I can't really be 100% sure of anything but let me share with you some speculations dominating my thoughts.
First of all, 2 remix? No... let me rephrase this: 2 trip-hop, industrial remixes?!?! What's the point with that? Cancer is a band that disappeared from the metal scene about 9 years ago, so every fan's legitimate question would be: ''How do they sound after all these years?'' The most hot-headed will say ''Hey man, their new song is -Oil- and it rocks!!!''. Of course it does no doubt about that. But what do they intend with that move? Their cover to Celtic Frost is just satisfying and the re-recording dynamic but nothing out of the ordinary.
I'm a big fan of Cancer but to be honest I wouldn't give a penny to buy this EP if I had the opportunity to listen to it at first. They could have included 2 or maybe 3 new songs, leaving out those needless and confusing for the fan remixes. Unless if they want to prepare us for future experimentations throughout their music, but I'd better not think at this at all. Anyway, EPs - Demos and singles cannot be rated but I think that I made myself clear about ''Corporation$''. Now it's your call...

Ps: The symbol ''$'' in the title could be translated in a more suitable way for this release 😉

"Corporation$" Track-listing:

Dethroned Emperor (CELTIC FROST cover)
Oxygen Thieves ('Don't Breathe My Air Mix')
Oil ('Blackened Satchel Remix' by Ian Buchanan)

Cancer Lineup:

John Walker - Vocals/Guitars
Carl Stokes - Drums
Adam Richardson - Bass
Rob Engvikson - Guitars

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