Virus (Extended Edition)


Ever since watching them perform a killer show on the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock […]
By Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham
April 14, 2015
Cambion - Virus (Extended Edition) album cover

Ever since watching them perform a killer show on the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock 2014 I have been keeping a close eye on Technical/Progressive Metal quartet CAMBION. They are due to release an extended edition of their EP "Virus" on 20th April that will serve as a juicy warm package to their debut album.

CAMBION have been gradually building up a name for themselves in the Metal community ever since forming in 2009. Having shared the stage with big names in the Metal community such as BREED 77, SCAR SYMMETRY, EVILE and MESHUGGAH to say they are doing well is a massive understatement.

Now onto this extended EP; first impressions as I play in on my way to work one day? Already sensing a rich, diverse sound within their music and I got this from the opening track "Outbreak". More examples of this brilliant miscellaneous Metal can be found in tracks "Death", "Afterlife" and their new single "Mechanics Of Extinction".

I am usually a huge all-rounder when it comes to Metal and I am not afraid to tell you what I think. Regarding CAMBION; I am adamant in thinking they certainly have what it takes to take over the Metal scene. On "Virus" there is certainly something to suit everyone's pallet from fist pumping "Death" to the sweeping "Heterodox".

Throughout their album I can personally hear a mixture of influences from the likes of SCAR SYMMETRY, SLIPKNOT and EVILE. Whether that was their intention or not I am happy with this sound as I am fond of all three bands. Judging from this extended EP CAMBION certainly have something special about them that will ensure their success on the Metal Scene.

So overall a fantastic warm up package for their impending debut album that I am definitely looking forward to; be sure to catch them on tour as I think they are one of the most promising acts to appear on the Metal scene.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Virus (Extended Edition)" Track-listing:

1. Outbreak
2. Infection
3. (Interlude) The Descent
4. Afterlife
5. Death
6. Resurrection
7. Mechanics Of Extinction
8. Heterodox

Cambion Lineup:

Marc Randall - Guitars
Jonny Walker - Bass
Elliot Alderman-Broom - Vocals, Guitars
Frank Dennis - Drums, Vocals

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