Secret Youth


Born in Finland, Experimental Post Metallers CALLISTO have been making music since 2004, but with […]
By Jessica R Harman
February 13, 2015
Callisto - Secret Youth album cover

Born in Finland, Experimental Post Metallers CALLISTO have been making music since 2004, but with their last release in 2009, the band has been fairly quite for a few years. They are back with "Secret Youth", their fourth album release. Never wanting to create the same album twice, the band describes this new album as "Progressive Noise Rock" a "concoction of easier, more straightforward elements in the same melting pot with a youthful, experimental spirit."

"Secret Youth" comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of just over 51 minutes. The album is a unique mix of Progressive, Experimental Metal with Rock and Classical elements. The vocals are really unique. Being as they are mostly clean and the band is from Finland, I was expecting a thicker accent, but there really wasn't one at all. The vocal tones are really great and then the hints at some hard-core vocals with the few glimpses they show of growled vocals; which the contrast compliments the sound nicely. The musicianship flows exceptionally well and the lyrical content is interesting.

The album starts with spacey guitars that introduce what this album's sound is throughout. "Pale Pretender" makes me feel the wholeness in the middle of nothing.  I love the unique sound these guys can produce and this track is just the stepping-stone into a journey through this album. Track two "Backbone" is when the glorious scream growled vocals come into play. Combining clean and growled vocals is the best way to create a wondrous contrast that cant be beat. Only thing is I wish there was just a bit more through out. It almost felt like a tease.

The two instrumental tracks "The Dead Layer" and "Old Souls" are perfect interludes. They show the incredible musicianship the band has as a whole. While the music itself is mellow, it still presents the elements shown throughout the album really well.

Some of the best tracks on the album include "Backbone", "Lost Prayer", and "Ghostwritten". All of these tracks are great because of their uniqueness, but each has things that put them over the edge. "Backbone" is where we get to hear a harder more punching CALLISTO, where "Lost Prayer" is more laid back and calming, but has an amazing bass line. It is very prominent in the beginning, but keeps its potency as it slips back a bit throughout the track. "Ghostwritten" is a track that sort of connects to the soul. Being the most experimental track on the album, it gives the track that certain automatic goodness.

This album is incredible. I enjoyed it from start to finish. When I re-listen to it, I always hear something new. It will keep the listener coming back for more. Take a listen to these guys stuff. It didn't disappoint.

10 / 10


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"Secret Youth" Track-listing:

1. Pale Pretender
2. Backbone
3. Acts
4. The Dead Layer
5. Lost Prayer
6. Breasts of Mother
7. Grey Light
8. Ghostwritten
9. Old Souls
10. Dam's Lair Road

Callisto Lineup:

Jani Ala-Hukkala - Vocals
Juho Niemela - Bass
Ariel Bjorklund - Drums
Arto Karvonen - Keyboards
Tero Holopainen - Guitar
Markus Myllykangas - Guitar
Jani Rattya - Live Percussion

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