Chants of Steel


Frequently raging and always passionate, CALES here make epicness a compact affair, plainly stating their […]
August 10, 2023
Cales - Chants of Steel album cover

Frequently raging and always passionate, CALES here make epicness a compact affair, plainly stating their intent with aggressive zeal and then allowing the rough-yet-melodic riffing to lead the listener into the fray. As ever, Blackosh's likewise-rough-yet-melodic tenor lends a loveable poignancy to proceedings, and he's joined by a number of notable guests: Big Boss and even his daughter provides chants. Solemn yet still invigorating, CALES continue to occupy unique territory with "Chants of Steel." The album has nine songs.

"Black Riders" is the first. The opening tones have some Folk Metal influences, and then the sounds transforms to thickened Black Metal, but the clean vocals remain. Harsh vocals enter a bit later, and their sound combines a few genres. "Roar of Stormy Chase" has a much more aggressive sound, and the band shows some of their chops, especially the drummer...he is working overtime on the kit. "Hordes of Thunder" has a bit of a groove to it, but with a very heavy bottom end. The pacing and riffs give me a MOTORHEAD feeling, with that subtle combination of Black and Punk metal.

"Prophetic Ash" has a slower and darker sound, and you can feel ominous tones rising in the background, like a threatening storm. There are also some hopeless sounds and feelings of anger and desperation. The title track has some more jovial Folk elements, but they combine smoothly with the dark Black Metal sound. The band uses a little melody here and there to fill in the rough edges. "The Mighty Roar" does indeed have a rousing sound, and the vocals are in a storytelling mode. "Only One Dark Abyss" has a slower grind, with plenty feelings of sadness and depression. Still, there is power behind the layers, if you peel them back, as well as some subtle Southern Rock influences.

"Return Paths" closes the album, and it's a short, one-minute moody instrumental. Overall, the album was good. The band brought many more elements into their sound in such a way that it was hard to categorize, for those of us who obsess over this kind of thing. It's Black Metal at its core, but with Folky elements, Traditional Metal elements, even some Punk influence here and there. The result keeps their sound fresh, and interesting.

7 / 10









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"Chants of Steel" Track-listing:

1. Black Riders
2. Roar of Stormy Chase
3. Hordes of Thunder
4. Prophetic Ash
5. Hall of Death
6. Chants of Steel
7. The Mighty Roar
8. Only One Dark Abyss
9. Return Paths

Cales Lineup:

Blackosh - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Peter Svensson - Bass
Per Gustavsson - Vocals
Felipe Plaza - Vocals
Silenthell - Timpani
Big Boss - Vocals
Petra Hošková - Chants

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