Puerto Rican Thrashers CALAMITY have been making brains melt since 2013. Their sophomore release "Kairos" has […]
By Kyle Scott
June 5, 2019
Calamity - Kairos album cover

Puerto Rican Thrashers CALAMITY have been making brains melt since 2013. Their sophomore release "Kairos" has CALAMITY strolling through the Thrash proving grounds once again, heads held high and a No-Fucks-Given attitude. CALAMITY is back to make some more head roll and to remind us that they are one mean band to mess with. Starring in the soundtrack of the 2015 documentary The Distorted Island: Heavy Metal Music and Community in Puerto Rico, champions of the pit CALAMITY bring their best game forth, ready to preach the headbanging gospel to the masses. 'Kairos' is the Greek word for 'Opportunity', and CALAMITY sure as hell seized it.

Right out of the gate, the four-on-the-floor rhythm pounds on the gates only to splinter the doors as it rams its way through anyway in the opening track "Killer Vibes". Every Thrash band needs their own pit anthem, and CALAMITY delivers with their violent love letter to their rabid devotees. Aiming to unleash the full scope of their rage by song two, CALAMITY delivers "Guerreros" with all the warning of a roundhouse kick to the jaw. Featuring thrumming basslines and solo tremolo riffs, the track is a great summation of the band and their mission. CALAMITY dares you to get up, face and fight your demons. Lead vocalist Berny Santos makes you believe that you can. Other songs like "Overruled" feature jackhammering drums and bitter messages of contempt for those that abuse their power and make the rules as they please.

Album closer "The Handlebar" is a bit of a thematical reprise of "Killer Vibes", not content with one love song to the pit, CALAMITY had to write another one and invite members of ZAFAKON, FULLMINATOR and A MILLION SOULS to sing with them. Starting the night off right with a gathering of headbanging friends and a good purge of violent thoughts, CALAMITY prove that they were made for the partying, headbanging life. "Kairos" is the band at their most aggressive yet.

8 / 10









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"Kairos" Track-listing:

1. Killer Vibes
2. Guerreros
3. Still We Live
4. The Truth
5. Kairos
6. The Change
7. Overruled
8. El Vacio
9. The Handlebar

Calamity Lineup:

Fernando Rivera - Bass
Eduardo Acevedo - Drums
Gonzalo Ortiz  -Guitars (rhythm)
Berny Santos - Vocals, Guitars (lead)

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