Don't you ever think that Death Metal cannot be catchy? If done properly, quality Death […]
By Dorothy Cheng
February 2, 2014
Cakerawala - Cakerawala album cover

Don't you ever think that Death Metal cannot be catchy? If done properly, quality Death Metal should still be as heavy as we expect it to be, without being a complete turn-off on the senses. Death Metal does not always have to veer off to Grind or Gore territory to impress - sometimes it can pull off being technical and melodic at the same time, and it takes a lot of effort to make it unique in that sense.

Penang's CAKERAWALA does just that with their EP of the same name, of which their first single "Ozawa" was just released a few months ago. That single showcased the complete package of CAKERAWALA, displaying their form of Death Metal which burrows deep into the more harmonic aspects of Death Metal. There is a defining sheen of melodicism that hangs over their music, a kind of deep-charging emotion that runs true especially with the vocals.

Rhythmically, the entire EP follows in the footsteps of "Ozawa" - charging expertly between the slow and fast, building up wherever there is the opportunity to and exploding in a cacophony of breakdowns and solos - in which the guitars truly shine. CAKERAWALA has an unmistakable technical side to them, but they don't overdo it. They keep it to the guitars, allowing everything else to be straightforward, keeping the balance healthy.

CAKERAWALA is really an expert lesson in songwriting. The band cakes up everything they've got, making sure to expound on every technical skill they have, and then they embellish it with haunting melodies and rhythmic complexities, allowing the guitars to impress and vocals to inspire. I've said before that the vocals are unique - and this EP proves just that. There is so much more emotion here than you can ever get in a typical Death Metal record.

The EP has four songs to its name, but to be honest, I could have gone on listening to an album-length effort of the same songs. I said this when I first reviewed CAKERAWALA's single and I'll say it again: I can't wait for more! They have a lot to offer in terms of songwriting, and if you're looking for something polished, refined, and focused, CAKERAWALA is the band for you. They're Death Metal, but they don't stumble around trying too hard to be Hardcore. They know exactly where they're at with their music and they deliver it to you with all the boxes checked.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Cakerawala" Track-listing:

1. Ozawa
2. Algorithm
3. Resurrect Thy Nation
4. Defeat the Purpose

Cakerawala Lineup:

Az Wie - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Vinoth - Guitars / Vocals
ChuXian - Bass
Teng Yi - Drums / Vocals

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