Impending Death

Caffas Rain

CAFFAS RAIN hailing from Enschede, The Netherlands were formed in 2014. They play Scandinavian Death […]
November 3, 2020
Caffas Rain - Impending Death album cover

CAFFAS RAIN hailing from Enschede, The Netherlands were formed in 2014. They play Scandinavian Death Metal with Groove Metal elements and provide a mix of classical head-banging grooves and aggressive growls. They released so far one EP and now their first full-length album. Vocalist Kay Meupelenberg is also on the mic for Dutch Black/Doom Metal band ENDYMÆRIA. "Impending Death" has a total length of approximately 40 minutes.

"Impending Death" is a quite straight-forward Death Metal album that includes a number of different sound elements: powerful and heavy guitar riffs and chords, harmonic leads, aggressive growls, double-bass drums and blast beats. CAFFAS RAIN were able to write songs that use those elements when required and do not overemphasize on certain elements. The opener "Destroyer Of Worlds" is a good example for this. It starts with a slow, dark, and atmospheric sequence before the song goes into a simple, mid-tempo song structure with heavy riffs and melodic lead sequences. The growling vocals occasionally come with backing vocals that makes it more aggressive. "Forlorn Forgotten And Forsaken" adds a few head-banging sequences with double-bass drums to it as well as more variation in tempo. The song contains some good lead guitar sequences and also adds a few blast beats to the mix.

"March Against Tyranny" contains a lot of lead harmonies and melodic guitars as well as changes in tempo. CAFFAS RAIN released a video of the song which shows the band in a studio playing the song. Nothing really creative and I felt the video was sponsored by Marshall at some point, at least this is what I kept in mind from the video. Check it out with the YouTube link given below.

The title song and especially "Doomed" sound heavier and more aggressive than the other songs, however, the melodic elements are kept. "Doomed" includes a comprehensive melodic lead guitar solo as well as double bass drums. The growling vocals are intensified by backing vocals that contributes well to the heaviness of the song. CAFFAS RAIN keep the combination of rawness, heaviness combined with harmonies going throughout the record. There are a few variations across the songs which makes it more interesting to listen. "Nightmare" and "Plaguebringer" for example are combinations of pretty good head-banging groove elements and melodic lead sequences. "Plaguebringer" also varies nicely in speed and adds a few faster parts to the song. Alongside "The Tormented", "Plaguebringer" belongs to the faster songs on "Impending Death", however, none of the songs is played at breakneck speed. Highlight of the final song "Whispers From Hell" is the extended lead guitar sequence during the second half of the song.

CAFFAS RAIN release a very good debut album with "Impending Death". It is a Death Metal album with a lot of melodic elements. Song structures are kept neat and simple, the guitars are powerful and heavy, and the drums are very solid. Extra sound elements are added when needed. The growls are aggressive and variations of growling as well as backing vocals are added when it contributes to the songs. The album is flawless and well produced. "Impending Death" is an album for Death Metal and melodic Death Metal fans and I would highly recommend listening to "Impending Death". CAFFAS RAIN is surely one to watch in the future.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Impending Death" Track-listing:

1. Destroyer Of Worlds
2. Forlorn Forgotten And Forsaken
3. March Against Tyranny
4. Impending Death
5. Doomed
6. The Tormented
7. Nightmare
8. Plaguebringer
9. Whispers From Hell

Caffas Rain Lineup:

Kay Meupelenberg - Vocals
Niels Ketelaar - Guitars
Jimmy de Visser ­- Guitars, Vocals
Pim Weierink - Drums
Rory Verkleij - Bass

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