Devotion and Hate


A testament to the design of their sound, it is indeed unfortunate that we do […]
By Quinten Serna
May 27, 2019
Cabrio - Devotion and Hate album cover

A testament to the design of their sound, it is indeed unfortunate that we do not receive or hear from more metal bands outside of Europe and America, however I am unsure as to whether or not that has to do with word of mouth or there being a lack of bands in the genre, yet CABRIO clearly does not care for convention and decided to lay down the foundations of loud, heavy, and fast in their home country of Chile. "Devotion and Hate" was originally released in South America mid 2018 and is now available the world over for streaming, download, and physical purchase thanks to Toxic Records.

The album commences with a "hit the ground running" attitude as heard within the opening measures of "Twenty Thousand Tons" wherein we're greeted with the immediate pummel of the drums coupled with the guitar slides and eventual harmony on top of the bass' staccato accents, the perfect way to burgeon an album with such heavy tones as "Devotion and Hate." The transitions are seamless with each section flowing into one another perfectly.

The Chilean band has a few key influences including Exodus, Slayer, and At the Gates which can be heard throughout each mix yet apart from the previously mentioned influence they manage in fact to create their own sound unique to themselves and stay within those parameters, with nothing odd or off-the-wall to detract from the heavy metal symphony.  "I Have Become" has some of the best guitar work of the album starting with melodic descent and small solo that turns into the lead melody of the verse, the rhythm plays on staccato power chords that change into constant strums as the verse starts.

"Dios Sin Fe" steals the show with some of the most versatile elements within the passage of a single song. The music commences with clean guitars ushering sad melancholic tones which quickly turn into a similarly themed metal descent overlaid with Spanish vocals-almost making me wish I studied Spanish instead of French. The mixture of different vocal registers is apexed in this track, as the growling provides exceptional foundation for the screaming as the female vocalists completes the chord with grandeur. Music wise "the Rapture" perhaps best emulates their natural influences drawing in Spanish style guitar that sets it apart from anything else on the record. "Violence & Solitude" is one of the best constructed pieces to be featured on the album as each section builds on top of one another wherein it achieves something unique and uncommon like a rhapsody made in the key of metal.

CABRIO is a multitalented group that deserves the addition to most people's playlists especially anyone interested in unique sounds and bands from overseas. "Devotion and Hate" is the band's freshman album and manages to encapsulate both familiar tones and a completely unique approach to the genre not truly seen that often.

8 / 10









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"Devotion and Hate" Track-listing:

1. Twenty Thousand Tons
2. I Have Become
3. Arzamas
4. Seed of Deception
5. Man Made God
6. The Rapture
7. Violence Solitude
8. Dios Sin Fe

Cabrio Lineup:

Mauricio Peña - Bass
Rod Leiva - Drums
Julio Constanzo - Guitars
Alberto Arenas - Guitars
Andres Marchant - Vocals

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