Cult of the Like

By Will Alone

Tel-Aviv, Israel's BY WILL ALONE is an unsigned Metalcore band, that will release their first […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
March 10, 2019
By Will Alone - Cult of the Like album cover

Tel-Aviv, Israel's BY WILL ALONE is an unsigned Metalcore band, that will release their first full length release this April. They started up in 2014 with first EP 'Towers' Single "Make It Rain(2014)", "Sean Bean Dies Every Time" in 2015, singles "By Will Alone" and "Royal Flush & Snake Eyes", the trilestials trilogy in 2016.A first single is already available from "Cult of the like" album called "Witch Witch Witch." It all starts with a narrative, talking about control of the environment, the humanity controlled under the eye of all that is against privacy, and the loss of intimacy. We are all setup now for the theme of the album in this narrative intro.

"Dirty Pics" is Metalcore with massive electronics. There are multiple vocals all entangled and shouting out loud and denouncing. The structure is like any other Metalcore band, but i must say that it's quite original to give an extra punch and landscapes in the sound with the help of electronics. Some lyrics are easily heard in parts where they is almost clean vocals, with very lightly effects used. Some explorations with vocals are heard here, going from pig squeals mostly used in Grindcore or Goregrind bands habitually.

"Bitchcraft" sounds like an horror movie soundtrack. The vocals range from Black Metal-like ones and more fat growls almost reaching the Death Metal without being it. Profusion of breakcores. There are some weird background guitars added to fill the space and adds strangeness and insanity, yeah insanity is the word. It's a social criticism with massive insanity feels. "Witch Witch Witch" is more smooth first with clean guitars and three clean vocals all mixed up. This one is very catchy and less insane than the others, more accessible. They sound like some EBM with the angry meter at 12 out of 10. This is not my genre habitually but I must admit this track is interesting. I like their attempt to explore the electronica and mix it up with Metalcore in an intelligent way.

"Profile Picture" is very loud electronic bass is displayed, lyrics are fastly executed,with big fat screams. This isn't easy to listen to. It has a very original structure. They do Metalcore, but they're not made from the same mold everyone tends to be born of. They sound like Industrial Metal here...very modern Industrial Metal. "Are We Connected" is made to play on a dance floor at spooky nights and bars. The vocals are quite the same. Having a certain continuity or identity creation. The second half of the song is more metal oriented and quite interesting for me. The guitars are playing a different role: clean ones, involving some atmosphere developing. They have quite great creative skills and imagination.

"Cult of the Like" is the title track and is offering a more standard approach, much more related to Metalcore at first hear, but it gets really not only electronic but more like DJ performance. I can see people dancing all around clearing out of their head their anger and problems to this moving and inviting to rebellion music. "Dating Apps" is very loud and comfy sound, fat and round while doing a great job with guitars roaming and kicking some hard passages while synths attacking from the background.The vocals are very rhythmic almost rapping but it comes to an end fast and change direction to a more harsh approach of screams and the insanity we were exposed earlier is against used.The guitars here plays arpeggios in the background before breakdown ones. The chorus is excellent and very well done.

"Flocks of Unkindness" starts with some low voice mixed with some blackened ones, very weird and chaotic. Djent like moment right after as well. Well this one is quite a hard moment for me. "Ode to Occulture" is smoother. This is the latest track of the album. This is a a breathing, soothing track for now. I must admit I can't be sure of the turning of this one. Clean guitars and some effects sounding celestial or even nautica, underwater in some way. I think they most explore more of this side of their potentials. It's quite a nice closer.

Describing this album is quite difficult. But,I can say that they have a lot of talent even if they tends to be very chaotic at first hearing. I think they deserve some attention. They are going farther than many bands in that genre have gone. They are ambitious and talented, a unique advice I can say is they have to find themselves and produce something maybe a little more homogeneous while their album's theme was nicely explored.

8 / 10









"Cult of the Like" Track-listing:

1. Prelude to Vanity
2. Dirty Pics
3. BitchCraft
4. Witch Witch Witch
5. Profile Puncture
6. Are We Connected
7. Cult of the Like
8. Dating Apps
9. Flocks of Unkindness
10. Ode to Occulture

By Will Alone Lineup:

Alexander Tyrant - Vocals
Chen "Shix" Shaya - Guitar
Itay Parkinson Steingold - Electronica & Production

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