Two Shots Of Thrash Metal

By War / Crucifier

With one eye looking at the brilliant past of KREATOR and the other winking at […]
By Maria Voutiriadou
January 18, 2010
By War & Crucifier - Two Shots Of Thrash Metal album cover

With one eye looking at the brilliant past of KREATOR and the other winking at the golden days of the unstoppable riffing of SACRED REICH, the two thrash Metal bands from Brazil and Greece, BY WAR and CRUCIFIER respectively, brought two tracks of theirs into "Two Shots Of Thrash Metal". The title of this 7" release speaks for itself about the musical content.

Violent cut-throat, chaotic mayhem, continuous thrashed headbanging and malevolent guitar riffs are some of the main ingredients of these four tracks that constitute this noticeable release. These tracks will satisfy all the old school thrash metal's fans who adore the 80s' bay area riffs and are still listening to SODOM, EXODUS and all those motherfucker maniacs. Thrash Metal is for me my second pair of shoes (you can guess the other one!) so, I can surely say that I enjoyed pretty much those 'shots'; the opening "Thrasher's Return" of BY WAR reminded to me a "Rust In Peace"'s probable lost track, while the sodom-aniac "Stranded In The Darkzone" made the temperature a little higher, being a "Hit The Lights"' dark alter ego.

Side b, second round of 'shots', the domestic one; "Life In A Cage" had this old school scent due to the guitar's work that is also the reason why we love bands like RAZOR and EXODUS. And this endless aggressive snap riffing continued at the next song "Illusionary Peace". The only disadvantage- if I could notice any- is the duration; 11 minutes totally, at both sides, are not enough for sure, but this is the minus in such releases...

Let it be; I hope that I will not melt this record on my stereo from this inevitable continual listening. When you put this on, you will forget to get it out for sure! I would like to close this with a phrase I stole from CRUCIFIER's MySpace: "Fuck you posers. Thrash will take your head off!"



"Two Shots Of Thrash Metal" Track-listing:


  1. Thrasher's Return
  2. Stranded In The Darkzone


  1. Life In A Cage
  2. Illusionary Peace
By War / Crucifier Lineup:

Adriano Perfetto - Vocals, Guitar
Renan Roveran - Guitar
Helio Patrizzi - Bass
Enrico Ozio - Drums

Ilias "Thanatoid" - Vocals
Savvas - Lead Guitar
Stamatis - Rhythm Guitar
Sakis "Mad Butcher" - Bass
Anastasis "Stas" - Drums

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