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The end of the previous decade brought some great surprises for any Black Metal friend. […]
By Yiannis Doukas
April 18, 2010
Burzum - Belus album cover

The end of the previous decade brought some great surprises for any Black Metal friend. From nowhere came BEHERIT and MASTER'S HAMMER and not only they unleashed albums but also they were damn good both of them. Now in this dawn of the new decade we have the return of BURZUM besides with the release from prison of the man behind, Varg Vikernes. The surprise of course has not so much to do with the return itself, if I remember well there where some plans for a third part of these ambient prison albums, but the re entering of Grieghallen Studios together with a new Metal turn for this album. I know, you remember some older statements that he will not do anything with that kind of music etc, etc. Well, forget all these words. Besides all things are flowing in this life and a lot of them change.

Did I say change? Well, "Belus" in musical points do not differ almost in anything from the four firstly albums. It's like the creator's mind was inside adiabatic walls all these years with nothing outside changing his direction. And yes, the FEELING is here too. Concisely talking, from the slow and amazing "Belus' Doed" of the full of bass "Glemselens Elv" till the faster "Kaimadalthas' Nedstigning" that reminds in its beginning something from the "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" song or the early DESTRUCTION based "Sverddans" everything sounds perfect and as it should be. The last one, is thrash enough, think of "War" and shows clearly one of the basic influences that this band had. "Sverddans" will reap your head, simply that. Mountains, storms, snow and darkness or I don't know what else will arrive with "Keliohesten" raising even more the album's artistic value and here is where I will stop any further describing. There is no need to write anything else.

The whole changes could be recapitulated firstly into a cleaner production. No there is still grimness but I think it is more friendly or accessible to the listener when the previous recordings had a more fairy or out of this world veil. Also the vocals are far away from the wolf's growling following the "Filosofem" paths. Last one as the "Belus" cover let some sun's rays passing by same in moments happens to the musical part of the record, logical since it is about a god close to something like Apollo the god of sun in the old Hellenic mythology. The lyrics are written in Norwegian but you can find some translations in the band's site and I must say that are well - written.

The fact that BURZUM became well known for reasons not only concerning music or also that the majority of the so call funs or bands that tries to copy Vikernes are more funny than the worst comedy ever cannot derogate the art's value that we have here and in all his discography of course. And even in this record, things like this weird feeling of total isolation is here together with this characteristic repeating towards the infinity, BURZUM friends known what I mean, can be found in tracks like "Morgenroede" and "Belus' Tilbakekomst (Konklusjon)". Lastly if you are a follower from the beginning of this band the shock that may have in first time of hearing albums like "Burzum", "Det Som Engang Var" or "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" surely cannot repeat here. You known what are you gonna hear and somehow you are prepared for that. But the important is and of course personally talking, that many parts of this entire aura that I had back then came with a natural way here together with "Belus". And songs like "Keliohesten" are of the best I have heard recently.

8 / 10


"Belus" Track-listing:
  1. Leukes Renkespill (Introduksjon)
  2. Belus' Doed
  3. Glemselens Elv
  4. Kaimadalthas' Nedstigning
  5. Sverddans
  6. Keliohesten
  7. Morgenroede
  8. Belus' Tilbakekomst (Konklusjon)
Burzum Lineup:

Varg Vikernes - Everything

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