In The Light Of Burning Churches

Burying Place

BURYING PLACE is a death metal band from Lithuania who formed in 1992.  "In The […]
Burying Place - In The Light Of Burning Churches album cover

BURYING PLACE is a death metal band from Lithuania who formed in 1992.  "In The Light Of Burning Churches," is their first full length album and their first release since 2013; they have released two demos and a live album. If you want non stop brutality and you hate christianity (and everyone should, honestly), then "In The Light Of Burning Churches," is going to be right up your alley.  The brutal death meal contained within the eleven track, forty seven minute run time isn't flashy or filled with layers up on layers but, then again, it isn't supposed to be.  It has everything it needs:  deep gutturals, riffs for days, and a heart attack inducing rhythm section.

I do have one problem with the album: the filler.  Of the eleven tracks, for of them are short intros/interludes/outros that add nothing to the overall experience.  When I am assaulted by non stop brutal death metal, I really don't want interruptions. With that being said, the seven full length songs are extremely savage, unrelenting, and badass. "Blinded By God," immediately puts on full display of the album's best part: Gusevas' bass.  It straight up slaps demon ass. That isn't to say the rest of the band are slackers—on the contrary, this isn't sloppy extreme music that just kind of barfs its way out of a hellish void.  No, this song, and album in general, thrives in this hellish void—it's home is here and it defends it in earnest. The riffs are quite dizzying, speed mixed with moments of groove.

"Sons Of Evil," opens with what appears to be sirens and spoken word—both build up the tension in a smart way and make a great lead in for the wild lead guitar, which in turn leads straight into non stop death metal.  The brutal music is tight and crisp—their musicianship is far greater than most in the genre have to offer when they play music this necro. "Treason," is one of the album's highlights because the guitars are unbelievably fast and constantly feel like they are on the verge of exploding, the very strings themselves snapping out from my headphones somehow.  The last two and a half minutes are mind boggling, with the guitars both playing notes that are intricate yet offer no respite for anything other than a final resting place.

I really enjoyed the title track as well—the atmosphere has a really evil and creepy vibe to it.  I feel like a lot of care and attention was given to this song and it definitely shows.  Some of the best riffs are presented here and the band goes for broke.  Around the 4:10 mark, thrashy death metal takes a hold and I don't know know if our dimension can handle something like this—but no demons busted through and sucked my soul from my butt so I guess worries are a moot point.

The final full track is "Cold, Hate, and Pain (The Land Of Crosses) and it exemplifies how huge and beefy the band's overall sound is.  A lot of bands trade heaviness for streamlining songs or vice versa but this song gets it right and is a great send off for the album, which makes me hate the outro even more. It didn't blow me away or anything but BURYING PLACE's "In The Light Of Burning Churches," is a head banging, blasphemous good time.

7 / 10









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"In The Light Of Burning Churches" Track-listing:

1. Intro - Liars
2. Blinded by God
3. Sons of Evil
4. Depressive Destruction
5. Death
6. Treason
7. Intro - Revenge
8. In the Light of Burning Churches
9. Intro - Pain
10. Cold, Hate and Pain (The Land of Crosses)
11. Outro - The End

Burying Place Lineup:

Mykolas "Mykola" Alekna   Vocals
Giedrius "Ambraziejus" Ambraziejus - Guitars (lead), Drum programming
Artūras "Demonas" Gusevas - Bass
Rimtautas "Thrigger" Piskarskas - Guitars (lead)
Eimantas "Senas" Damušis - Drums

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