Burning Skies

Burning Skies are one more Metalcore band that is added to the pile of boring […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 11, 2006
Burning Skies - Desolation album cover

Burning Skies are one more Metalcore band that is added to the pile of boring reviews. I can't sit and say the same things again and again! Ok, as I have said in the past, Metalcore is not a shitty Metal genre, but it surely is a boring one. There is a great lack of fresh ideas! It's like listening to the same band!
Formed in September of 2002, Burning Skies are an English band that delivers the well-known Metalcore recipe. They have released an EP on their own, Premonition Of Things To Come (2003), their debut CD Murder By Means Of Existence (2004) and now they are releasing their second album through Lifeforce. Let's see what these guys have to offer...
First of all, I would like to make clear that this band belongs to the Metalcore bands that seem to prefer their Death Metal influences from melodic breaks. There are moments that you could describe as Deathcore! Very good production that surely adds much interest to the release, but let's not forget that Metalcore = Good Production. If you play Metalcore nowadays and have a shitty production, better go kill yourself! Anyway, Merv's vocals vary from high-pitched screams to low growls! Very impressive singer! These guys are surely well equipped with technique and very good compositions, but as I said, this genre doesn't seem to have new and fresh ideas to offer to its fans. You always listen to furious drumming, a singer screaming and two guitars filling the song with melodic touches. Sorry but this is not the music I would like to listen.
To sum it up, Desolation is a good album, although it didn't manage to keep my interest until its end. I think that Metalcore fans will like it; it is just that this kind of music is not my cup of tea.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Desolation" Track-listing:

The Sweet Sound Of Violence
Bauer Power
Desolation... (For The Denial Of Ignorance)
Fairytale Supremacy
Caught In The Circle
Lurid Demolition
Could You Sink Any Lower?

Burning Skies Lineup:

Merv - Vocals
Liam - Guitar
Ben - Guitar, Vocals
Andie - Bass
Phil - Drums

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