Unity In Pluralism

Burial Vault

German Melodic Death Metal band BURIAL VAULT have released their latest album, called "Unity In […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
October 6, 2015
Burial Vault - Unity In Pluralism album cover

German Melodic Death Metal band BURIAL VAULT have released their latest album, called "Unity In Pluralism". If the title is based on the collaboration between their two singers, it's a very applicable one. "Adopted Creed" kicks off the album with a cool Heavy Metal intro and ditto follow up riff. When the vocals come in it kicks back a few notches in quality. He's just grunting some non-understandable jibber-jabber. The magic returns however when the second singer comes in. The correlation between the two voices just works for them. It kind of reminds me of the connection the singers from THREE INCHES OF BLOOD have between them. They already show they're not afraid to go soft as well, in the middle part of the song. But the main quality of their band are clearly the guitar riffs and the two singers, when they're going all hot and heavy about it. "Metamorphosis" keeps them going the way they started, but when it's "Tempestas" turn it the music gets all quiet and sensitive for a while , until a mighty drum beat kicks in and announces the return of their power. The song keeps a good balance between those two styles.

With "LCD (Liquid Crystal Dementia)" they return to their strong and penetrative selves, where they show more energy than ever. By the time "Hypocritical Lullaby" starts, the news of it has worn off a bit, but in any case they keep up their high level of performance. "Ambush" functions as a filler riff more than a real song, a cushion before you get pinned back to your seat by the blow called "Hostility In Disguise". At this point the Melodic Death Metal really comes through, with a lot of thanks to the drums.

"The Desired Destination (Seeking for I)" shows for the first time what a good clean singing voice the lead vocalist actually has. It's a shame he doesn't use it more, but I guess that's a part of Death Metal. He doesn't even keep it up for the length of one song. "Return To Point Zero" once again starts with what sounds like a Heavy Metal riff, but the Death Metal returns soon enough. "Bokanovsky's Process" is as short as it is powerful. They end with "Sanctimonious" the way they started. A killer riff and drumbeat and the great collaboration between the two voices. A must-listen for Melodic Death Metal fans.

BURIAL VAULT - Return To Point Zero (Lyric Video) - YouTu

8 / 10


"Unity In Pluralism" Track-listing:

1. Adopted Creed
2. Metamorphosis
3. Tempestas
4. LCD (Liquid Crystal Dementia)
5. Hypocritical Lullaby
6. Ambush
7. Hostility in Disguise
8. The Desired Destination (Seeking For I)
9. Return To Point Zero
10. Bokanovsky's Process
11. Sanctimonious

Burial Vault Lineup:

Raimund Ennenga - Vocals
Richard Kaiser - Guitars
Tobias Schaub - Guitars
David Speckmann - Bass
Immo Groeneveld - Drums

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